Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Baby is a Baby..... least in my eyes.
Many, many folks can smile at the wonder and miracle of a nest of Cardinals babies.

Four tiny mouths to feed.
Both parents are constantly on the move and ever watchful of my cat as he sleeps (ignoring them) on the back porch.
Frankly, Hobbes has no idea this nest exists.  He spends all his days either asleep on the porch or watching my chicks run circles around my old hens in the chicken run.

In another 10 days or so, I'm going to have to help these Cardinals fledge their babies from the nest.
The darned things built this nest in a small tree behind our swimming pool.
The likelihood of one or more of these babies taking their first flight right into the pool, is very high.
Last I knew, baby birds cannot swim.

These babies, however, are self sufficient from the moment they hatch.
I love them just as much as a nest of baby birds.
They are spiderlings of a common Garden Spider.
I watched their momma spin their egg case late last summer and then die (remember Charlottes Web?).
We had a particularly cold winter for this part of Texas and I was certain the baby spiders would have frozen.

I was delighted to find the egg case broken open and these tiny babies fluttering in the wind on what looked like golden thread.
I got a ladder and pair of tongs and took the entire thing down out of the eaves of my house and deposited them all in my garden.

They, each one, is no bigger than a freckle.
I hope a few of them survive and spin the intricate and bug catching webs they are so famous for.

Hopefully this summer I'll have one or two of these big girls around, keeping my garden safe from marauding grasshoppers.


  1. I think baby birds are wonderful even though they're gosh-awful ugly until they get feathers. I think spiders are wonderful too in so many ways. Spiders are a great defense against all kinds of pests and their engineering is amazing. But a nest of new spider babies gives me crawly skin. Too many chances of them going on adventures to explore my skin. I'm with you, but you get to carry the baby spiders.

    1. Leenie, you make me smile--"but you get to carry the baby spiders". Thanks!

    2. I like spiders I really do. Only I don't like them on me. I have been bitten so many times (even from a cousin of the brown recluse) that I have developed a terrible allergy to them. So I beg the spiders leave me alone...crawl where I can see you and you don't want to chew on me.


  2. Congratulations on all your new babies. Sure we get some birds nesting around our house so I get to see baby birds. Great pictures of your new babies.

    1. Linda, I'll have to watch these baby birds pretty closely. I'm afraid they're going to need to fledge while I'm away picking up my daughter from college.

  3. I am mostly like this too. I am always so fascinated by the diversity of small things and how them come to be. I also recognize that I can not like some critter but still admire it and allow it to live, even if at a distance. I just love to see creatures as they exist. It's good to slow down and just imagine how amazing life and diversity is!