Wednesday, May 21, 2014

1732 Miles, Give or Take a Few--Part 2

Red River in need of some rain!
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Friday morning.
487 miles.

Jenna and I got up, got cleaned up and downstairs for breakfast at our hotel--bright and early.
Sort of.
I was trying to time our arrival into the Fort Worth area before rush hour.
I missed.
We could have walked through Fort Worth quicker than driving.
No matter.
What's important is that we stopped multiple times stretch our legs and check out some clean bathrooms and some not so clean bathrooms.
We also may have gotten a snack or two.
We also may have eaten lunch at a Cracker Barrel.

All that with no moaning and groaning from menfolk---because there weren't any on the trip.

Some of you may have done some math and know that it's way more than 487 miles between the Kansas City, Missouri area and Central Texas.
You're right!
It's 487 miles between Missouri and the Red River.
The glorious border river that says, "You're back on home soil!  Welcome home!"

Friday afternoon:
280 miles.


That feeling of being "home" lasts for a few minutes until it sinks in that you're still 280 miles from where you lay your head.
4.5 hours.
Unless you are in the car with Jenna and me.
Then it's longer because we have bladders the size of walnuts.
Just sayin'.

We drove 767 miles in 14.5 hours.
It should have taken far less than that.
That puts us driving at roughly 52.9 mph.
I know my speedometer clocked us at 80 for most of the way through Kansas and Oklahoma.
Maybe next time we won't stop at so many bathrooms----at least not the icky ones.

Road Trip Observations:

11. Love's Truck Stop has the nicest, cleanest bathrooms----hands down!

12. Besides their clean bathrooms, Love's sells just about everything. 
You can buy a slushie, a rhinestone encrusted purse, a neck pillow shaped like a dog, flowery flip flops, a fake turquoise encrusted cross, a dream catcher and every salty or sweet snack known to man.  
You can even take a shower if you're a "professional driver"(read: trucker).

13. Testosterone can be a bad thing when you're doing 80 mph on a two lane highway.
Jenna and I were positive that the 4 vehicles, driven by men, that were jockeying for 'first in line', doing 80 mph from Oklahoma City to Forth Worth were going to be called to their eternal glory by Darwin himself.  Forgive the run-on sentence, but it had to be said in one breath.
They managed not to kill themselves or anyone else.  At least as far as we know.  We lost them at the Dallas/Fort Worth split.

14. The gift shop at Cracker Barrel is better than the food at Cracker Barrel.
Except their pancakes, because well, they're fried in butter. 

15. The line at Taco Cabana is longer when there is a coupon for "buy one, get one free" margaritas in the local paper.  

16. Karma dictates that we got in aforementioned line AND there was a new kid at the register because we didn't want a margarita AND we thought the testosterone driving game was probably going to get them killed.
Oh well, we ate.  It was tasty.  The bathrooms were clean, too!

17. The last 10 miles home are the longest.

18. The traffic lights will all be red.

19. Having help unloading the car is wonderful.
Thanks Eric and Quinn!

20. Having time alone with Jenna--Priceless!!


  1. Clean bathrooms on a road trip are a better bonus than good weather or edible food in my book. Guys seem to have a whole different set of priorities when it comes to getting from point A to point B. Seventeen and eighteen are so true. Having time together with your grow-up daughter is VERY priceless.

  2. I'm glad you had a safe, mostly enjoyable trip. Even the bad parts are tolerable when you're with your child -finally- after a long separation. I can relate to your feelings when you get 'close' to home. I felt the same way every time we made the trip back home while living for 9 years almost 900 miles away. As they say, there's no place like home. Enjoy your summer.

  3. Your trip home sounds an awful lot like my trips to GA Way too many "rest" stops due to under sized bladders. Love Truck Stops are the best no doubt about it. LoTotally agree with your #17 & 18 observations and #20 is by far the best of them all. Glad you and Jenna made it home safely.

  4. Having that space with one of your children is priceless! I'm glad you got home safe and sound!