Monday, May 19, 2014

1732 Miles, Give or Take a Few--Part 1

photo credit:
Flint Hills, Kansas

I was out of pocket on my blog last week because I was on the road.
Wednesday morning I left and drove to Wichita, Kansas.
549.24 miles.
By myself.

Road Trip Observations:

1. I love the interstate.
Really, I'm not kidding.  Thank you President Eisenhower!

2. I love the Kansas Turnpike even more.
SO worth the $10.25, end to end!

3. Having bluetooth (I rented a car) to go with my new phone was a wonder of technology.
Did you know you can talk on your phone on a speaker in the car?
Yes, I know many of you know that.
This wonder enabled me to call my friend, Deb and talk for waaayyy longer than she had time for.
She helped me stay awake when I was feeling drowsy.
Thanks Deb!!

4. Central Oklahoma is beautiful. 
Trees, lakes, green fields and cattle (see observation #11).

5. Some of the billboards in Central Oklahoma make me twitch a little bit.
Their theology is much different than my own.
I didn't know Jesus ever owned America and if he did, I didn't know he'd lost it.

6. People will form a mile long line to get "all you can eat" shrimp cocktail at a casino.
I stayed at the Hampton Inn that attaches to the Kansas Star Casino near Wichita.
Brand new and cheap and clean.
I did not join the mile long line.
It wasn't really a mile long, but it might as well have been.
I ate a salad in a different restaurant.

Thursday morning I got up and drove to Lamoni, Iowa.
313.3 miles.
By myself.

"What the heck is in Lamoni, Iowa?", you ask.
Jenna was in Lamoni, Iowa!
Her college is in Lamoni, Iowa!
It was "Graceland" before Elvis was even born.
I'm pretty sure he stole the name.
Well, not really.......but still.

We packed up the car.
We toted her fridge to someone's house off campus.
I hope it's still there next fall!

We un-lofted her bed. 
(which takes 5 people to do without having the whole thing crash down on any one person)

We wandered around campus while she said goodbye to all the people she loves.
We left campus and stopped for coffee at her favorite coffee place.
We drove back to campus to tell someone goodbye that she couldn't find the first time.

Thursday evening we drove to Independence, Missouri.
112.8 miles.

It was late.
We rang up my nephew Nathan and his wife, Jen and asked them last minute if they'd like to come eat some dinner with us.
They did.

It was even later after dinner.
I know, it was a surprise to me too! :)

To a hotel and off to bed.
A very long day waited for us on Friday.

Road Trip Observations:

7. The Flint Hills in Kansas are my favorite part of the trip.
Stunning prairie, not a house or power line in sight!

 8. Loading a car when the temperatures hover in the 50's is WAY easier than when they are in the 80's!

9. Going back to campus after you've already left is important when goodbyes are involved.

10.  Iowa is SO beautiful.

11. Some people are 'mountain people'.
Some people are 'ocean/water people'.
I'm a 'prairie people'.

Prairie Person.
The miles of fields, full of corn and wheat and cattle and sunflowers---they all feed my soul.
Do people really retire in Kansas or Iowa?
I might start a trend.

Tomorrow's post:
Independence, Missouri to Dripping Springs, TX
767 miles.


  1. Have a safe trip. I am loving your observations about your trip so far.

    1. Ah Linda, I'm just full of observations. :)

  2. Sounds like a wonderful time Carla. Thank you for the photo credit. Just a note, it is Mangas (with an a instead of u). Thanks again, take care.

    1. Hooray! Thanks for letting me use the photo. I'll fix the misspelling right away.

  3. Now I'll have to put that part of the States on my long list of places to explore. The U.S. is so big and so handsome a person could probably spend their whole lives visiting and never really see but a part of it. It's fun to learn what you found out on your trip. Safe and happy trails back to your home.

  4. Oh! What a fun time...just you and your daughter!