Sunday, April 27, 2014

Well, I Didn't Want Spring Weather Anyway!

I'm straight up going to complain about the weather today (again!), so consider yourself forewarned.
Sister Crankypants is in the house!

I'll admit, we have had a wee bit of lovely springtime temperatures.
We have had a couple inches of rain since January (but only a couple).
Enough to green things up (which is nice).

Just so you know, the chance of "AM storms" you see above---didn't happen.  
It was a 70% chance when I went to bed last night, for cryin' out loud!

The one thing they never miss on is the temperature.
You can be sure it will reach 94* or beyond today.
It will reach 94* tomorrow as well.

We also get the addition of a "Red Flag Warning" today.  
It should really be called "Wildfire Warning" because that's what it really means.

High temps, high winds (gusting to 45mph) and low, low humidity (10%).

If you're in Austin and you flick a cigarette butt out the window into the brush, I'm taking your license plate number.
I'll give it to the police, should your butt start a fire.
I'm not kiddin'.
Also, if you leave a pet or a baby in your car to 'run into the store for just a couple things', 
I'm breaking your car window.
Not kidding there either.

If you live someplace where the weather doesn't make you cranky on a regular basis, please share your location. 
I'm packing my bags.  
It's too darn early for it to be so darn hot.

Respectfully submitted,
Sister Crankypants


  1. Here in WI we are still waiting for Spring to arrive. My heat is still turned on and running. We had record snow this winter, now all we are getting is rain. I too and ready to pack my bags and move; just can't figure out where I want to plant my butt.

  2. I'm afraid I'm with linda m when it comes to weather. Not much spring and a whole lot of cold nights and windy days. Don't pack your bags for SE Idaho. Weather here causes a whole 'nother kind of cranky.

  3. I sympathize and believe you're entitled to be cranky. We lived in San Antonio for 9 years and I absolutely hated the weather. One year it was 102 degrees at our house on Feb. 24th and didn't go below 90 until late in the fall. I remember the date because it's my sister-in-law's birthday. And one year I was wrapping Christmas gifts at my kitchen table. The kitchen was on the south side of the house, with a really big window and window seat. I was wearing black jeans and my leg got burned by the sun. IN DECEMBER!!! INSIDE MY HOUSE!! When I went to change clothes, my leg was bright red and tender. No place is perfect, but every place needs rain. Of course, we had water restrictions there, too. Good luck. I hope you get rain soon. A friend in Pflugerville said that they had a rolling blackout today, with 94 degree temperatures. What will you all do in July and August?

  4. We are nasty here also. I'm a tad tired of it!