Tuesday, April 15, 2014

It's Official--At Least on Paper

This morning, I used this
to pay for this

so these could come home.

The fence will be delivered on the 22nd.
My wonderful fence guy will start sometime after that.
Right now, he's installing 800 feet of fence in what is nearly all rock.
My job will take 2-3 weeks.
Which turns out to be fine because Finn and Oliver won't be coming home until the end of the month; and then they'll be going to my neighbor's barn.
They'll need at least two weeks of constant positive attention in an enclosed area.
They're used to seeing humans, but not being handled by them.
If I let them out in her pasture, I'd never catch them again.
My neighbor's barn has enormous stalls and a small turnout area attached to each stall.
I plan on taking a chair and book and a bag of carrots to begin our 'getting to know each other stage'.
All horses, donkeys, mules are curious by nature.
Me sitting, ignoring them, will be irresistible.
Their reward for coming to investigate me will be a carrot coin.
Next will come halters and brushes and more carrot coins.
I'm hoping the end of May will be when they come to my property for good.


  1. How exciting! Don't envy your fence guy's job but excited for your new friends!

  2. Making your little bit of heaven even more heavenly. Jealous of your winter weather, your acres of pasture and your creature friends. May those carrot coins bring as much enjoyment as the paypal fence.

  3. Oh, I am so excited for you! What cute names you chose for your new "buddies". I know that in no time at all you will all be friends.