Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Day Trip and a Large Purchase

My friend, Deb and I went on a road trip to LaGrange, TX.
I brought my checkbook.

 The drive was stunning.
It is finally greening up and the wildflowers are out in all their glory.

I live on the edge of a geological feature called the Edwards Plateau.
Dripping Springs is unofficially "The Gateway to the Hill Country".
What that means is---rocky outcroppings.  
When you dig a hole, you hit a rock.  You usually have to move the hole.  You may have to move the hole again.  In fact, you may have to rent a jackhammer if you really must have the hole in one particular place.
It means you have 6 inches of topsoil--if you're lucky.
It means Live Oak trees, Mesquite, and all manner of plants that will poke you.
It means that weather systems seem to mysteriously break apart, just as they approach the Plateau.
I'm not kidding.

The Edwards Plateau ends, right along I-35 in Austin.
East of I-35, the landscape begins to roll.
It is green.
They have a healthy layer of topsoil.
It rains.
I'm not kidding.

LaGrange, Texas is 77 miles nearly due East from Dripping Springs.
It might as well be in another state.
It is SO green.
It is miles and miles of amazing, rolling pastureland.
It looks nothing like Dripping Springs.
Heck, there's even water in people's stock ponds!

However, the trip wasn't just made to look at flowers and ponds,
it was made to look at donkeys.
Little donkeys.

I fully intended to get my donkeys from a rescue organization, but the only one with miniature donkeys right now says that they are not ready for adoption and don't know when they will be.

Instead, I took my checkbook to LaGrange and bought donkeys from a family that raises donkeys for their own pleasure.

These two boys are currently Jacks.  
When they come home, they will be Geldings.
That's horsey speak for "they're getting fixed".

For a short bit, they will live at my next door neighbor's house, until our fence can be put up.
It will enable me to get to know them better, in a more controlled environment.
She has a barn with stalls and runs attached.
They still need to be halter trained and learn to pick up their feet for cleaning and hoof trimming.
I plan on spending time just sitting with them.
Not asking anything of them.  

I have been assured by my donkey owning friends, Carson, Justina and Danni, that these little boys will be in my pocket in no time.
That's horsey speak for "following me around, nipping at pockets hoping for a treat".

Until then, I need help with names.  
I simply cannot seem to come up with anything that seems right.

In the past, when I've had this problem with pets, I let them 'tell me their names'.
I know, I know, sounds like hooey.
However, it seems to work.  Suddenly a name will present itself when I'm with them.

If you have any name ideas, please share!


  1. Have you ever seen a Bud Abbot and Lou Costello movie? I think of them when Carson talks about George and Alan - one straight man and one goofball. When your boys' personalities show themselves to you, as you said, their names will, hopefully, be obvious. Good luck and enjoy!

  2. Oh, they are gorgeous. Congratulations! I will try to think of some names, but I think you are right, they will let you know.

  3. They are so cute. I am happy you finally got your donkeys. Can't help you out with names as I'm not good at picking names. I think you should watch them and let their personality tell you what to name them.