Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Coming Into the 21st Century

I have an admission.
A confession.

When we get new electronic things and I have to learn them and I don't get it and the 'old one' works just fine, I cry.
Lovely run-on sentence, I know.

I mean it, I cry.
I once got into a ginormous fight with Eric when he got a new remote for the television upstairs.
The old one worked just fine!!!
Doesn't matter that it was held to together with tape and a ponytail holder.

When he wasn't home, I would take the batteries out of the new remote and put them in the old remote.
The new remote wasn't as straight forward in its operation as the old one.

One day the old remote disappeared.
I cried!

Now mind you, I'm not a weepy sort of girl.
I just don't like feeling stupid, especially when a machine is involved.
Geez, I can drive an old diesel tractor and run chainsaw with no tears whatsoever.

When we got a new computer, an Apple computer, I cried.
Huge, crocodile tears.
I wanted a new computer, the old PC was so full of viruses that we were all in danger of dying from Ebola or something.

Apple (at the time) was immune to viruses because there were so few of them.
Hackers and Virus makers couldn't be bothered with creating viruses to make life miserable for Apple owners.

Apple and PCs are different.
When you have a PC, it comes with a manual on how to do everything.
With an Apple, you have to go the the mall and visit with an "Apple Genius" (aka: techno geek) and take classes.
I. Hate. The. Mall!!!

Meltdowns ensued.
Big ones.

Like the television remote, I learned how to use my Apple.
I didn't even go to the Mall.
I just fiddled around until I got it.
I'm certain that I'm not using it to its full potential, but I don't care.

That brings us to my newest nemesis.
I will begin by letting you know that I asked for this.
It was time to have a phone that can be helpful to me while I'm not at home.

Last Fall, I was at Carson's place, alone, for part of the visit.
While I truly loved my time there, I wondered--"If I get bit by a rattlesnake, I won't know where to tell them to send a helicopter."
She really, truly lives 7 miles south of nowhere.
She doesn't even live on a street. 
No stop signs, no corner stores.
Cattle guards and arroyos (creeks) are land markers.
I would have needed my GPS coordinates to get help, but my current phone would have been no help at all.
Samsung Galaxy S4
In white.
Because that's how it makes the most sense to pick a phone, right?
Next month, I'll be headed to pick Jenna up from college (HOORAY!!! )---alone.
This time of year, as we've seen in the news, severe storms can be a problem.
If I had a cool, new phone from the 21st century, I could track storms and stay safe.

There will be no tears with this new gadget.
Not to say that it hasn't already made me feel stupid.
Eric is out of town and I can't get it "set up".
That's why I married a computer geek.
That and the fact that he was (is) terribly handsome and had a job and was (is) as patient the day is long, and lets me cry over the mean, mean new gadgets he brings into the house.
Run-on sentences----now that, I can do.


  1. Technology. It's either get on board or get left behind. The ride is bumpy at first and as soon as you almost get comfortable you find you're getting left in the dust. (How's that for a metafor? What's a meta for anyway?) You ARE blessed to have your own private technical support. You married well.

    1. I know, I have to stay up with the times. I just let myself get overwhelmed. :)

  2. Cell phones actually WORK at Carson's place?! I still don't have one because they don't work here.

    I'm with you on the chainsaws and tractors though.:)

    1. Cell phones sorta work at Carson's place. You have to stand on one foot, out in a pasture, on top of a bucket......just kidding. Oddly enough, there were certain times of the day when I could get 2 bars of reception in her house.

  3. I'm with you on new gadgets. I don't like them and I too cry when I can't get them to work. I finally got over feeling stupid when I would have to ask for help on how to get something to work. I just tell them I'm an old lady and need help. I have had a cell phone for over 5 years now (used only for emergencies and long distance calls - very basic no frills phone) and I still don't know how to text on it. If I receive a text message I can't figure out how to read it. Just give me your basic old landline phone and I am a happy camper. You are blessed that you have someone who can help you.

    1. I just hate feeling stupid is all. Especially by a machine. I'll get the hang of this phone; and like Leenie said---we have to keep up or get left behind.

  4. I hate the mall too...I so understand!!!


  5. Peeking out from behind the techno phobia curtain, I say I hate being made to feel stupid by a "machine", or correctly stated an electronic device. I completely concur. And when my fam and I drove out to 7MSN from ABQ we didn't have any bars until the last turn before the driveway. I have followed you and the other RSS's with a great appreciation for your tenacity, bravery and kindness. LC lives truly in the wild wilderness that is rural NM. Oma Linda at Casa de Cuckoos