Monday, March 24, 2014

Still Here. Going Crazy.

Let me start by saying this is a post about a VERY
"First World Problem"
I've never been good at spending money on myself--ever.
Eric spent years convincing me that there are two things you should ALWAYS spend good money on, no matter what.
Shoes and undergarments.
That said, I'm struggling with spending money on something far more frivolous than shoes and underwear.
A whole boatload of money.
On a barn.
The funny thing is, I don't even have any quotes yet.
We're struggling with design and size.
Eric originally asked that I pick out a barn that could look very much like our house on the exterior (stone and stucco).
He is not a fan of the metal barns that are so prevalent these days.
photo credit:
If you have one, don't take offense, please!

That meant that we would have to have a wooden structure and adjust some design portions (ie: sliding doors) to work around having a stone base.
I've spent two weeks looking at barns that might fit our needs, inside and out.
Found one (see above).
Have a date with a contractor to come out and talk numbers with us.

Yesterday Eric and I went for a walk and saw a metal barn (not the one below) that had some things added on to make it look more like something that would belong with our house.

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And so, I begin again.
I think.
I don't know.
Sheesh, I'm really not good at this.

Soon Eric will be out of town--a lot.
He got a new job.
I'll write about that more later.
The point is, I was hoping to have this well underway before his new job started.
I can't be calling him on a business trip in the middle of the day to ask if he wants this kind of stone or that kind of stone because the contractor needs to know--right now!

My first world problem is making me crazy.
I know I should acknowledge what a blessing this problem is.
That we are able to afford this.

Maybe I'll go buy myself some nice leather shoes instead.
They're more practical.


  1. Good luck with your decision. I love the look of the red barn. However, I know nothing about barns as I am a city girl. You are right tho in feeling that you better make your decisions before your husband goes out of town. Eric will be stressed out enough with a new job without having to make decisions about a barn as well. I am sure the two of you will come up with a wonderful barn design before he leaves.

  2. We have a structure at the back of our property that is called a barn for lack of another word for it. Dennis tried calling it an outbuilding. He thinks calling it a barn is an insult to barns in general. When there was an issue with the outside light the repairman man from the electric company laughed because he was told we had a lighted outhouse and he wanted to see it. Yep, first world problems.

    Previous owner stored pianos in the climate controlled (at one time) room. Looks like there was a chicken coop at the back that just looks like a weasel smorgasboard to me. Good luck making your choices. I've had hard enough time picking materials for two bathrooms. Nearly finished now.

  3. Linda M really gave you perfect advice. I can't add anymore. Good Luck!

    ❤⊱彡 Linda

  4. Very best wishes to your finding a good design and someone to help you make it work. You probably know that a thousand decisions go into any kind of construction project. It sounds like exciting and challenging times are in your future.