Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Have You Ever Done This?

I was unloading the dishwasher.
Many of my cups had water in the tops (bottoms??).
I grabbed a tea towel to soak it up.

photo credit: Target stores

The tea towel was sour, so I took it to the laundry room.
While walking to the laundry room, I looked out on a side porch and wondered for the 100th time if the potted ficus tree had made it through the winter.

Not my ficus.  Mine was outdoors
photo credit:krrb.com
I went outside and gave a few branches a bend and twist.  
Not conclusive enough.  
They didn't break sharply, but we've had rain recently.
I scraped the trunk with my fingernail in a few places.
The bark came free easily.  No green underneath.
Conclusion: Dead ficus tree.
Nice day equals "This will only take me a minute.  I'll pull it up and haul it out to the brush pile.  Then I'll return to the dishwasher."

On the way to the brush pile, I decided that the root ball and 5 foot tree might be fun for the chickens in their run.  I can put it in the brush pile after they've decimated it.

While in the chicken run, the amazing weather makes me think of spring.
Which makes me think of the fact that all my gear (extension cords, 2 lamps, a sheet, a shower curtain and several zip ties) need to be removed.  The days of 20* weather are over.
Yes, the my chicken coop looks like the Beverly Hillbillies built it--inside and out.  
Don't judge me for being creative. :)

photo credit: Stromburgschickens.com

The heat lamps were filthy with dust.  I decided that I'd put them away clean instead of dirty.
I ended up back in the laundry room where this all started to get an old rag so I could wet-wipe the bells of the lamps and the extension cords.

All my chicken warming paraphernalia is now clean and put away.  

Back to the dishwasher.
With a stop by the computer to tell this story.
Oh, and I watered a tree while I was out by the chicken coop.  
There was a wheel barrow full of water. 
Had to do something with it.

Do you ever do anything like this?
Start something and end up doing a half dozen other things instead?

Do I have ADD?


  1. At least you remembered what you had started to do in the first place. lol I usually get so sidetracked that I don't get back to my original chore the same day I started. As proof, my vacuum cleaner is still sitting in the corner of the sunroom where I parked it a few days ago. I had to put things away in the sunroom, clean off the end table, fold up the afghan, put some papers in the recycling tub... Maybe tomorrow I'll finish. But by then all the other things will need to be done again, too. Housework - it never ends.

  2. Happens all the time to me except I end up some place odd and can't figure out how I got there. At least you could remember all the steps you made on your treasure hunt and made it back to start.

  3. Golly gee whiz, do you eve sound like me. However, I usually get side tracked and then can't remember where I started. Many times I force myself to finish what I am doing so I don't forget or I just write it down so I can come back to it. Oh well, life is too short to worry about getting side tracked.

  4. And somewhere in there will be a pit stop :)

  5. I love your header! I have to make lists all the time for myself...and then Terry comes along and I forget and go help him with something.