Saturday, February 15, 2014

In the Spring, a Young Woman's Fancy Turns Lightly to Thoughts of....

...In the Spring a fuller crimson comes upon the robin's breast;
In the Spring the wanton lapwing gets himself another crest;

In the Spring a livelier iris changes on the burnish'd dove;
In the Spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love....
~"Locksley Hall" by Alfred, Lord Tennyson

A young man's fancy may turn to thoughts of love, but mine turns to thoughts of dirt
 and young plants
 and flowers
 and stakes, trellises, 
 and blossoms
 and hope----hope for rain.
Lots of it.
Gentle and quiet 
Torrential amounts with thunder and lightning and wind.
We just need rain.

 This Spring my thoughts will also turn toward chicks.
 My hens are not laying regularly and they are aging.
 It's time for them to retire, take it easy and let new girls take the job.
 Before long, I'll have a brooder set up and make a trip to a local farm and garden place to get new babies.
 I'll spend an inordinate amount of time sitting on the floor with them in the garage.  
I'll "chick-chick-chick" to teach them to come when they are called.
 I'll try to mimic the purr and coo of a momma hen to let them know that I'm the one to come running to when things get scary out on the property when they get older.
 They'll all get names.  Names insure that they'll never have to visit the stew pot or freezer camp.
My reward will be these.  The lovely brown ones.  
Grocery store eggs have got nothing on a 'real egg'.
Plus, I'll have enough to share with my father-in-love.
He loves a 'real egg' even more than I do.

What do you find yourself thinking about this spring?


  1. Yay!! Dirt and chickens....things I, too, am dreaming of!! Have you decided what kinds of chickens you'll get? Are you at all worried, like I am, about chicken integration? So's gonna be a good spring, CeeCee!

    1. Danni, I don't know what kind of chickens I'll get. I LOVE Buff Orps, but was thinking of branching out a bit. As far as integration---I've read and reread and read some more about it. I was successful with my last batch, but it's slow going. It's funny how the hens can be just fine with all manner of wild birds in their midst and the odd squirrel, but want to kill new chickens. Dinosaurs, they're just little velociraptors.

  2. Its Spring??! I haven't gotten around to thinking about Spring, unfortunately, I still have plenty of time before it gets here.

    1. Well, it's technically not spring, but it feels like it today. In central Texas, spring doesn't officially arrive until mid-March. Until then, I'm dreaming and scheming and planning.

  3. Oh, dirt and baby chicks. So near and yet so far away. Thanks for the preview.

    1. Oh, it won't be as long away as you think. It's been such a hard winter for so many, maybe Mother Nature will take pity on all of us and start spring early.

  4. My thoughts have turned to flowers and planting. I don't live on a farm so my planting is mostly in flower beds and patio pots. Yet, I can't wait.

    1. Flower/vegetable beds and patio pots are about all I can have too. My four acres isn't fenced and the deer would eat a garden---roots and all.

  5. Mine too, Carla! Although, I think I'm letting the poultry raising go. I say that now, but then I will get to missing eggs and then I will get to missing hens and well you know what happens next!