Thursday, February 27, 2014

Great Women in Chickstory

Let me start by saying that I started out with 6 chicks.
2 Black Australorps
2 Barred Rocks
2 Brown Sex-Links
I got them at Callahan's General Store on the 25th.

When I was at Tractor Supply the next day (26th) two new chicks mysteriously ended up in my shopping cart.
2 chicks of unknown heritage. 
Chicks from the "mixed pullets" bin.
They could be Welsummers, Speckled Sussex, or Barnevelders.
Time and feathers will tell.

I believe in meaningful names for animals.  
Well thought out.  
Thematic if at all possible.
The theme for this batch of chicks is Great Women in History.
While 8 chicks can't possibly scratch the surface of every great woman in history, it is a microscopic sample of women I think made/make a difference in the lives of humans around the globe.

Jane (Goodall)

 Julia (Childs)

 Eleanor (Roosevelt)

 Ruth (Bader-Ginsburg)

Amelia (Earhart)

Marie (Curie)

 Rosa (Parks)

  Harriot (Tubman)

Mandy has always been a protective soul.
She is ever interested in any baby animal that comes in the house.
These babies are no exception.

"Oooo, shiny!  Must investigate and peck"

"Wonder how the food is here?"


  1. Awesome names! We are much less sophisticated in our naming!

    1. My first batch of hens had 'old fashioned' names.
      The second batch had character names from one of my favorite books.
      This idea just came to me, but I still like that many of them have names from an older generation.

  2. Great names and beautiful coloring, especially on Amelia, Jane, Rosa and Harriet. I've seen chickens like the others, I think. Time will tell, as they grow. But, most of my chicken experience came as a small child gathering eggs at my grandparents' Ozarks farm back in the middle of the last century. (Good grief! As I was trying to think how long ago it was, that thought just popped into my head. I really AM getting old.) As far as I can remember, all those chickens were white. Good luck with the babies; they're adorable.

    1. Hi Peg! It's likely your Grandparents chickens were dual purpose chickens--layed eggs and grew quickly enough to eat before they were too old to eat. :)

  3. Love the names you picked for your baby chicks. They are all so cute I don't think I can pick a favorite.. Their coloring is fantastic, especially Rosa's. Good luck with your new babies.

  4. Thanks Linda! Rosa is an Australorp. Iridescent feathers that are so black that they look purple in the sunlight. She and Harriot will be my prettiest birds. :)

  5. Your ladies look lovely. Although a couple of them look a lot alike, but I guess someone who cares can tell the difference right away.

    1. They look quite a bit alike as babies, and even as adults. It's personalities, body shape, and their combs that let me tell them apart if they look too much alike as adults.

  6. Nothing nicer than the little peep of baby chicks!!!