Sunday, February 16, 2014

An Offering of Corn

Yesterday the weather was nice enough for me to get out and work in the yard.
After gathering the proper tools, I reached for my gloves and got a surprise.
Someone had left me a gift of corn and sunflower seeds.
I was astounded.  I had used those same gloves, just a day earlier.

If you could see my garage you would understand my astonishment completely.
To say that it's a wreck would be an understatement.  
There is order to our disorder, but barely.
There are a million other places for the rat or squirrel to place a cache.
Why my glove?

This isn't the first time I've found a cache, but certainly the most unusual spot.

Last summer, while we were on vacation, a critter decided that setting up shop under the hood of my car was as good a place as any.  
No wires nibbled, just a place to eat in peace.

I had a lengthy discussion with the cat regarding this problem.
He told me he'd get right on it.
I suspect he was patronizing me.
"Yea, yea, whatever".

I don't know if this was a rat or a squirrel.
Both store food for later consumption.
I have a cheeky squirrel that comes in the garage and gets right in an open feed bin to eat.
Of course we have rats.
I found a partially consumed one in the yard just today.

While I was hoping that my new game camera would help me see things that I don't normally see; I'm thinking it will be set up in the garage tonight.

To be continued.....


  1. You're lucky that no wires or other car parts were chewed. I'd love to see the culprit in action. But - if you capture a rat becoming dinner for something else, please don't show us that. I have a good enough imagination that I don't need a visual. I'm envious of your weather being good enough to go outside to do more than jump in your car. My son went to UT when we lived in San Antonio. Austin weather is SO much better than San Antonio's. It's beautiful country, as long as you get enough rain. Here's hoping for a good growing season.

  2. At least your guest only left a "gift" Imagine if your guest was still in there. That would be freak city for me.

  3. We have horrible trouble with mice here. As soon as all my chickens are down at Shannon's I think my mouse problem will start to go away!