Friday, January 24, 2014

Office Assistant Gets a Snow Day

After checking the news this morning, and checking the weather channel, I decided to go to the source on whether my staff should 
come to work today.

The "source" being my driveway.
Looks like I should let everyone know they don't have to come to work.
While folks from the Northern states only laugh at 1/4 inch of ice on road surfaces, we in the South simply close up shop.
We're smart that way.
Some of us.
There have been literally hundreds of car accidents in the last 12 hours.
Some people think they can outsmart ice.
Me, not so much.
I'm originally from the North.
Snow---you can drive on it.
Ice---you can skate on it.
Unless tires have been adapted to wear skate blades, I'm thinking folks should just stay put.

Hobbes, being born and raised in the South did not believe me.
He had to get out and see for himself.
He decided I might be right---just this one time.

His co-workers weren't too sure about the weather either, but since they normally work outdoors anyway, they decided to brave it.  They've got heavy winter coats to help shield them from the elements and I put hot water in their water cooler so they could make tea and hot chocolate.

 The girls that work in the egg production side of my business were none too sure about the white stuff on the floors of their lunch area and parking lot.
Two of them had never seen ice before and weren't even sure how to proceed.
One went outdoors and stood on a rock.  The other was too afraid to even come outside.
The oldest girl in the factory has experienced this several times before and didn't even bother to come to the door.  She stayed by the fireplace.

Well now what?  How do I get back in without stepping on the slippery stuff?
 One girl got stuck in the parking lot and I had to rescue her.  
 I think all 3 girls are tired this morning, as I left the fireplace (heat lamps) burning all night long.  I saw them up partying at midnight last night when I was headed to bed.

Broccoli loves the cold!
 Hobbes insisted on wandering about to be certain that I was right before he relented and admitted I was right on the whole 'snow day' matter.
He went back to bed.

Our evil Queen Agave is beautiful in snow and ice.


  1. Coming from serious snow country--snow can be driven in ice--NO. Stay away from slick roads. For some reason drivers of big pickup trucks don't understand that giant knobby tires may go fast in big snow but NOTHING stops on ice.

    Your office staff are so blessed to have a boss who makes sure there are heaters to keep the toes warm.

    1. I know, Leenie, right! Big trucks do not do one bit better on ice than a tiny Smart car. Just bigger projectiles as they slide off the road or into other cars.

  2. I agree with Leenie! You are a nice boss, even keeping the light on all night so everyone can stay warm.


    1. The upside of keeping the heat lamp on is eggs! The girls internal clocks think we are having more 'daylight' and they start laying again. We won't tell them that though. Don't want them to think I'm using the cold to my advantage.

  3. You are a great boss to give your office staff the day off. I agree with everyone. Ice can NOT be driven on. I used to live in Flagstaff, AZ and people there thought they were so smart - they had four wheel drive trucks. Guess what four wheel drive doesn't work any better on ice than two shell drive. They ended up in fender benders just as much as the rest of us.

    1. I'm nice that way. Sometimes I let Hobbes have the day off 'just because'. He goes shopping in my pasture for a tasty meal of field mouse. He's a foodie. Luckily, he's not fond of songbirds.