Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Good Thing I Like Scales

It's a good thing my office has a large bank of windows on 2 sides.  
I would miss so much if it didn't.
It seems I am forever rescuing creatures that unwittingly wander into my yard or are brought into my yard.
In this case, it was a Spiny Tree Lizard, aka Texas Spiny Lizard.

If you live anywhere south of the Red River (Oklahoma/Texas state line) you have them in your yard.
I guess this bit of trivia means they can't swim. 
I'm thinking it means they don't care too much for Oklahoma. 
It's important to poke fun at Oklahoma, I live in Texas. It's what we do.
Oklahoma is actually a beautiful state and hatches some of the best meteorologists in the world.

I digress.

Anyway, this little guy was being hassled by not one, but three of my animals.
He'd taken up hiding under a board in deep leaf litter.
The cat spotted him.  
The dogs spotted the cat.
The side of Smokie that is a spaniel kicked in.  She was going to flush that lizard if it was the last thing she did.
I had to physically drag her and Hobbes into the house.
Mandy came along quietly, because that's the great kind of dog she is.

After I warmed this lizard up a bit, I took him out on my property where dogs and cats don't often go.
I laid him on a sunny rock and bid him goodbye and good hunting.

Hopefully, he'll eat all the scorpions within a 4 acre radius.  
Doubtful, but a girl can always dream. 


  1. Well done on the lizard save. I hope he returns the favor with the scorpion eating. He looks like a miniature Godzilla. Maybe related to horny toads?

  2. I love your gentle heart!! I really do!


  3. What a cute little lizard. Did you give him a name, so next time you see him he will come when you call?