Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Birds and Glitter and Angels

My computer can now load new photos!
Old photos are still out there somewhere.
Or rather still "in there" (in my old computer?) somewhere.
Eric's working on it.

I didn't take down the tree yesterday.
I chose instead to wallow in some sadness I was feeling and watch reruns of Bones on Netflix.

Today, the tree is coming down.
I stopped when I had taken down the items you see below.

Christmas never felt like a terribly happy place at my house.
My mom did make oodles and oodles of Christmas cookies---recipes from her childhood.  
I think it helped take her mind off the fact that we were probably going deeper into debt.  Something we wouldn't be able to pay off 'til spring or summer.
It was never talked about.
As an adult, I look back and realize that I never went without. 
 I got the one 'big' present I asked Santa for every year---except the pony.  
I never got the pony.

I suppose as we age, we either tend to make memories worse than they actually were or better than they actually were.  
Our minds blur the edges.  
My mind has blurred the edges of Christmas for the better.
Having children in my life and a husband who makes every Christmas as wonderful as possible has helped.

These two photos are of special ornaments.
My mom gave them to me at some point.
I don't remember their stories with clarity, but I do know the birds in the top picture were on her tree as a child. 
 I'm not sure about the angels.
What I do remember is that they are special.
I am very careful with them every year.
The birds probably have 10 coats of paint and glitter on them from repair.
The angels are holding their own, but I have re-glittered their stars.

I like to think they are all from my mother's childhood tree.
I can't imagine Christmas at her house---with 11 children, it must have been sparse.
She never shared any bad memories of Christmases in her life.
It's possible the edges had blurred for her by the time I came along.

Do you have any special ornaments?  Have your edges blurred?

The one thing I am certain about, I still haven't gotten my pony.


  1. I love the pictures of your ornaments. I have a few special ones from my parents that I put out every year. Since my son left home Christmas hasn't been the same for me. My family is scattered all over the US and no one gets together anymore. My hubby and I had been driving to GA the last couple of years to spend the holidays with my son. Where as before they always spent the time at her folks in VA. This year because we moved and the weather was so bad we didn't go and as in the past spent Christmas alone. I have learned to make it special even if it is just the two of us. I am still waiting for Santa to bring me the one thing I asked for every year - I wanted a Bengal tiger. lol!

    1. I would imagine spending Christmas alone, just the two of you, brought a whole basket full of different emotions.
      For your safety, I hope you never get a Bengal tiger. :) They are certainly beautiful though!!

  2. Maybe it's time you got a pony...er. Horse!


    1. Ha! As long as Eric can keep me from fencing the property, he'll keep me from getting anything with hooves. :) My deepest wish now is a couple miniature donkeys.

  3. I've promised Grayson a pony if he poops on the potty :) Maybe we'll store it at your house!

    These ornaments are precious, your family will continue to cherish them in the years to come, I'm sure. Part of Christmas for me is hanging up old ornaments and thinking back to them. I now write on the bottom when I buy a new ornament from some place that we've visited (Florida this year) so that we can remember where they came from.

    As for blurred lines, I'm sure to blur them for the better if I can!

    1. Aunt CeeCee will be glad to store Grayson's pony at her house!
      Writing on the bottom to remember where/why you have the ornament is brilliant! I'm going to remember to do that next year when they all come out again.
      Blurring for the better is a wise choice. <3