Monday, January 6, 2014

A Lot Happened and One Day There'll Be Photos--Maybe

My last blog post with my own pictures 
(because a picture is worth a thousand words~Arthur Brisbane, newspaper editor, 1911)
was on November 25th.
We were leaving for Kansas City, MO to meet Jenna and her friend Kellie for Thanksgiving.

We drove to Kansas City from Austin.
They drove to Kansas City from Lamoni, IA
(much hugging, laughter, pictures taken)
We ate.
We were tourists in our old hometown.
We enjoyed renewing relationships with family we hadn't seen in a while.
The girls went back to Iowa
We drove home to Texas.

We got home.
Wedding shower for Preston and Katie the very next day at church.
Love my church family!

Jenna came home from college!

Preston graduated from college!
Ate BBQ with our family and Katie's family in celebration.
(content, proud)

Helped Preston move some furniture from one apartment to our house to his new apartment.

Food and family!
(blessed beyond measure)

In between all those events there was some arguing, some sadness, some worry, some distress, and some tears.
We wouldn't be a family if we had a perfect life.
Heck, we wouldn't even be human.
(keepin' it real)

Jenna's sweetie, Jeremy arrives for Preston/Katie's wedding.

New Year's Eve--stayed up til midnight, but only because I had caffeine. 

Wedding Rehearsal
Rehearsal Dinner at a local place.
Lovely, wonderful.

Joel and Jody arrive.
Nate and Jen arrive.

Wedding day!
Bright, clear and cold.
Deliriously happy couple!
Beautiful couple!
Smiles and tears and laughter.
Fairy tale day.
New Daughter-In-Love!
Typical feelings of 'losing a son'.
(Que Será, Será)

photo credit: Jenna from her phone/posted on Facebook

The very next day, they were all gone.
Preston and Katie--honeymoon in Colorado
Jenna, Jeremy-back to Iowa to school
Joel and Jody--back to Colorado to work
Nate and Jen--back to Missouri to work.

Today, on January 6th, I will take down the Christmas tree and move forward from a busy and emotion filled month.

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.
A great Christmas.
A Happy New Year.


  1. Wow, you have been busy. The wedding photo is beautiful. Congratulations to the happy couple. I hope your New Year will be filled with much joy and happiness. Thanks for the update on what has been going on in your life.

  2. Goodness you have been stunningly busy...and all through the holidays on top of everything. Glad to have you back to posting!