Monday, January 27, 2014

22 Marks the Beginning of a New Book

Every birthday until this one, his 22nd, has revolved around his attachment to our family.
His first family.
Our family's stories.

This year, he begins his own family.  
His own stories.  
His own book.
He and Katie are a family of two.
In the future, God willing, they will add children to their family.

I am so grateful and blessed that they are willing to intertwine their new stories with our old ones.
They celebrated Preston's birthday on Friday, but on Saturday they celebrated again with us.

We got him a couple tires for his Jeep.  Actually, we wrote a check for a couple tires for his Jeep.
I remember when Eric and I were just starting our life together, our stories, our book.  
We got practical presents like tires from our first families.

I'm so proud of the man he's become. I'm looking forward to watching his new 'book' unfold and share in chapters added.
I pray blessings on him for guidance, prosperity,  patience, clarity of thought and choice, and happiness above all else.  


  1. Mixed feelings when those babies become so grown up and independent. He's a good looking young man. Best wishes to him, his wife and his future.

    1. It has been bittersweet. I'm proud of him though! Thanks for the best wishes. :)

  2. A very Happy Birthday to Preston. Children do grow up so fast. Next thing you know they are married with families of their own. So glad he still wants to share his special day with family.

    1. I think we'll get to spend his birthdays with him as long as we live nearby. People used to tell me that kids grow up so fast and I didn't believe them. Those of us with grown children know it flies by in an instant.

  3. Best wishes to your son and his new wife. Remember when we were all there...excited, scared, and sure we could do it. And you know what...we did!