Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Pictures are Missing

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I spoke with my Cousin-In-Love to get her chili recipe the other day.
She told me she missed seeing updates on my blog and wondered what was up.

I've been busy with a multitude of things, many of which I meant to blog about today.
However, when I logged in to blog, I discovered that I have no pictures in iPhoto.

One of my Christmas presents is a wonderful, brand spanking new computer.
Getting 7 years of stuff from one computer to the other is challenging at best.
I know less than zero about such things.
Eric has been kind enough to attend to it over the course of several days.
One thing that isn't abundantly clear to me is why there are no pictures in my photo library.

I am certain that they will be recovered.
Twenty-Five Thousand (yes, 25,000!) photos do not disappear in the cyber world.
They just go on long vacations.  
I'm certain that Eric will be able to coax them back from the sunny beach, soft snowy powder, crowded town square, old Irish pub, ancient cathedral, art gallery, or where ever they've decided to go for Christmas.  
I just hope my Photos takes some Pictures. 
It would be a shame to not have some pictures to document the occasion. 

Until then, I will take my lesson from Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory--breathe into a paper bag until I calm down.