Monday, November 25, 2013

Sometimes I'm a Sandwich Short of a Picnic

Sometimes I'm not the brightest crayon in the box.
Sometimes I'm a gangplank short of a cruise.

There are many, many sometimes funny ways to point out that a person isn't quite thinking properly.
Today would be my turn.

It is 33*, windy and raining.
Normally, that sort of weather zips through my part of Texas in a 24 hour period and then it's 65* and sunny again the next day.
Not so with this particular weather system.
It has been here for 3 days and will continue for another 2.

Big whoop, right?
Just bundle up and drink hot chocolate, this too shall pass.

Normally I would, but I will be leaving town for a couple days (burglars beware---housesitters, 2 large dogs and an alarm system are all in place).

The Beverly Hillbilly (raise your hand if you know what a Beverly Hillbilly is) chicken coop you see above needs modification if my chickens are to survive this weather while I'm gone.
I cannot ask aforementioned housesitters to pick up my chickens and put them in the garage every night so they don't freeze.  
If you can imagine the photo above without what looks like a smaller cage in the foreground, you'll see what my chicken coop looks like.  I have repurposed a 6 x10 dog run.  Two sides have wood attached, but the other two sides do not.  We have far more terribly hot days than terribly cold days, so the two sided coop works to keep my chickens cool in the summer.  Not so much to keep them warm in the cold days (DUH!).

So, today, when it is windy and raining and 33*, I will be headed to Home Depot for plywood and bolts.
I will be out in this weather taking care of something that I should have taken care of months (years) ago.
I might need a shot of whiskey to keep me warm----if I drank whiskey.  Which a I don't.

And so today, I am a sandwich short of a picnic.
Who picnics in this sort of weather anyway?
Just goes to show you how bright I am.

If I don't come back, I froze to death or my boots got stuck in the deep, deep mud of the chicken run---or both.


  1. You are too funny. Who would have thought that such a bad storm would have hit your area. Certainly not me! I just call it Murphy's Law. If you had fixed up the chicken coop the bad weather never would have hit; but since you didn't it arrived. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Linda, we're all thrilled with the rain it brought, but the temps are a little hard to take. I think I would have done a better job fixing the coop if it weren't so cold.
    A very happy Thanksgiving to you as well!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you!! I always winterize my hens...I put plastic over the run...they never know if it is cold or raining as it is always lovely inside!


  4. Hope your coop fixing went well. Or maybe you just invited them all in for Thanksgiving Dinner.

  5. HA! You southerners! That's a nice spring day!