Thursday, November 7, 2013

Preston and Katie Sitting in a Tree...

Well, they aren't sitting in a tree, but I'm betting most everyone finished the little ditty that we all sang as children when it became obvious that a boy and a girl liked each other.
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This boy and this girl like each other.
Just a little bit.
Well, maybe more than a little bit.

Last Saturday, Katie's aunt Kelly, Grammy Marian and cousin, Lauren threw her a bridal shower.
It was beautiful!

Grammy Marian is 'crafty' as the kids like to say.
I think she taught Martha Stewart everything she knows.

Attention to detail was not spared--the food, the decorations, and most of all--the warm welcome.

Everyone was so friendly! 
Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of the friendly people.
My photography skills misunderstood the lighting and every picture with people in them turned out badly. 
Everyone was blurry, as though they were all running in place or something.

Trust me, there were people there. 
I think about 30 of us!

cupcake cake by Cori Kelly
Grammy Marian has a protege'.  One of her granddaughters who is in middle school, made this amazing cupcake cake of a bridal dress.  Someone finally started to take it apart and eat.  We all wanted to leave it just like it was.  

Tiny pies and cupcakes for dessert, in addition to the cupcake cake.
Apple, Pumpkin, Chocolate and Pecan.
So hard to choose!

Beautiful, beautiful centerpieces!

Photo Credit: Sheri Michinok
photo credit: Sheri Michinok

Grandma Cox, Me and future Daughter-In-Love, Katie

And here it is, the wedding announcement.
It came in the mail yesterday.
It's just beautiful!
It seems like just yesterday I was crying about them getting engaged.
"You're too young!"
"You haven't finished college!"

I quickly let that go.  
No more sense fighting against young love than trying to hold back the waves from the shore.
They've been together for 5 years.
They've had their ups and downs, but haven't we all?

Preston is graduating in December.
He has a job in his field of study if he wants it.
He's been on many other interviews.
Katie has a great job.

They've grown up so much since they got engaged.
I'm so proud of both of them.

Preston has picked a young woman who brings out the best in him.
She is thoughtful and caring and loving.
What's not to love?

January 3rd, 2014
I will, as they say, "not be losing a son, but gaining a daughter"


  1. That's awesome! Nicely done too!

  2. What a beautiful "shower". Congrats to Preston and Katie. Have a great weekend.

  3. What a beautiful shower! WOW! Congratulations to you and to Preston and Katie!