Monday, November 18, 2013

Different Toys, Please

"In ancient times, cats were worshipped as gods.  
They have not forgotten this."
~Terry Pratchett
 This is
Mr. Do-As-I-Please.
Mr. Like-It-Or-Lump-It.
Mr. I-Will-Have-What-I-Want, Now!
Mr. Dog-Bed-Schmog-Bed.
Mr. Sometimes-I-Eats-Them-Sometimes-I-Plays-With-Them.

 It's that last one that really gets me.

 Our recent rains have brought a proliferation of growth in my pasture.

Tiny tail!
 What that means is, more food for small pasture dwelling creatures.

Look at those ears, aaawwww!
 That, in turn, means more babies.

Sweet face!
 I don't mind one bit when Hobbes makes a meal or two out of the mice and rats.
There will always be more.  They are vermin, after all.

Jenna, double click on this picture to see tiny toes!

 I do mind when he brings them up to the house and plays with them.

 And by plays with them, I mean terrorize the poor teeny things.

His wee head is no bigger than my thumbnail.
 This tiny one was seen by me whilst he was airborne.

More tiny toeses!
 I was looking out the back door while talking to my friend, Deb (Hi Deb!!).
We had just been talking about her cat and mine and their penchant for capturing small animals.

 Mandy, our dog was suddenly on high alert and I looked to see what was up.
This wee one was 'Up'.  Hobbes was actually tossing him in the air.

Those ears!
I can't really tolerate torture.
My cat is only doing the job I have given him---to keep the rats and mice down around the house.
So, when he gets lazy and just wants to play (torture), I intervene.

My daughter, Jenna, and I have a huge soft spot for the "ratties", as she had pets rats as a little girl.

Jenna, these babies were beyond cute, but even this teeny, tiny tried to bite me.
Scary lady with big hands. 
 I'm sure he thought he's gone out of the frying pan and into the fire when I rescued him.
The commentary captions below some of the pictures are just for Jenna.
Only she will understand.
Unless you are a rat lover, too.
Then you'll get it.


  1. You are brave....we have cute little deer mice here...they are also the bearers of Hanta Virus...I don't like torture but I really don't like skittery up my legs either.

  2. You have every reason to make sure you don't have even one rodent at your place. Hanta Virus and a corn crop you need to protect----I'd have a whole mess of barn/field cats if I were you.

  3. I am not a rat or mice lover, but that little guy sure is cute. As a small animal volunteer at the local animal shelter I have learned how not to be afraid of these little guys. Now that doesn't mean I will pick one up or want one as a pet. But at least I don't go into a catatonic state when I see one. Animal torture is at the bottom of my list and should be stopped.

    1. Linda, you should get brave and pick up a rat. They are almost never, ever biters. All the other rodent pets I've owned will bite you without thought.

  4. I once was bit by a rat so I have no love at all for rats but in general, I like animals so I tend to rescue critters too. Our cats have been laying waste to the moles and voles around here!