Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Pretty New Girl in the Neighborhood

Deer hunting season began yesterday.
The rut (mating) season began about a month ago.
What that means is, deer are completely out of their minds this time of year.
Wandering into traffic in the middle of the day.
Straying far from their normal range.
Being more OR less fearful of humans, depending on their hormone levels.

This pretty girl caught my eye this morning.
I've never seen her before.
She was followed closely by a smallish buck, who was limping.
Seems he has tried to move mountains (and fences and ditches) to catch this pretty doe's eye.

What makes this girl different?
The pictures below show it most clearly.
She's nearly black! 
I would (because I'm a chocolate lover) say that she is in the color range of Dark chocolate.

After a little research, I now know that she is "melanistic".  Her pigmentation is a genetic marker that caused her coloring to go into overdrive.
Believe it or not, she is far more rare than even an albino whitetail deer.

According to the North American Whitetail webpage, there is a larger concentration of melanistic deer in Central Texas than in any other place on the planet, combined.
If you'd like to read more about it, click HERE.

I would love for her to hang around.  She was unconcerned by my presence, but more curious about my cat.  
That's why I was able to get such close-up pictures of her.
If Mr. Buck was successful in his attempts to woo her, I wonder what her fawn would look like in the spring?


  1. Wow, I have never seen a deer that color before. You were so lucky to see her.

    1. I hope she stays around. She really is stunning.

  2. Dark Chocolate anything is okay with me. She IS a beauty. How fortunate she chose your place to visit. I hope she decides to hang around just so we can learn more of her story.

    1. Unfortunately, I haven't seen her since that morning. Maybe she'll reappear once the rut has died down.

  3. Can you send her to Milwaukee? Ryan's driving me nuts with all of this hunting business and I'm about to lose my mind... but if she comes then he can be done for the season... is that too much to ask?!

    1. How about he comes down here, sits in a lawn chair with a beer and gets one of the many, many, (did I mention many) bucks that are in my pasture every single day?

  4. Ha! You said woo! She is a pretty girl though!

    1. Warren, you are a 13 year old boy, right? :)