Saturday, October 5, 2013

Ranchsitting for 7MSN--Days 3 and 4

When you don't have a day job/work from home gig like Carson does, the days run together at 7MSN.
I kept myself busy with self designed chores in addition to keeping the animals cared for.
I found there was a fine line between doing something I thought would be helpful, and worrying that tidying up Carson's pantry might her think I think her pantry needing tidying up in the first place.
You follow me?

To make myself feel better, when I would check in with her at the end of the day, the conversation would go something like this.

Carson: How was your day?  The animals behave for you?
Me: Everything was great.  Everyone is doing fine.
Carson: Did it rain?  On the radar, it looked like it rained at the ranch.
Me: Yup, a total of 3/4 inch since midnight.
Carson: Did you talk to Neighbor S.?  Did she or her husband try to get out on the road today?
Me: Yes, they said it was only sloppy in a few places.  I don't think you'll have any trouble getting home tomorrow.
Carson: Hooray!  I can't wait.  I'm so sick of this hospital.
Me: By the way, I don't want you to take this the wrong way, but I tidied up your pantry and vacuumed.  Not that it needed doing, but I got bored.  I also swept the front porch and the back porch.

And so, if I ever come to your house to look after things, don't take it personally if I vacuum or tidy up your pantry or fridge or spice cabinet.
It doesn't mean you have a messy house.
It just means I ran out of magazines and there's nothing on TV worth watching and I've already taken your dog on a long walk and pulled tumbleweeds in the side yard.
If you have tumbleweeds.

Wherein Clara and Peach turn into ducks.

Quack, Quack

Hank: Really, is it ever going to stop raining?

Hank: Since you're here, can you check your pockets to see if there might be a treat in one of them?

Hank: No? Well, you think you could rub some of this mud off me?  It itches.

Alan: I'm not muddy.  Do I get a treat?

Normally the equine members of Carson's family wear fly masks.
On day 3, it rained of and on, all day long.
They weren't wearing their masks because flies can't navigate the raindrops to bother the animals.

On day 4, the sun returned.  They wore masks.
While they can see quite clearly out of the masks during the daytime, the night is a different story.
Each evening, I'd get out the Gator/Rhino/Golf Carty vehicle and go in search of the herd to remove their masks for the night.

Smooch: Be careful out there.  I'm not with you to protect you.  I'll wait right here.

Alan: I know Mom doesn't want us to eat the cactus, but she's not here to fuss at us.
George: No, but Carla is and I'm going to eat grass in case she tells on us.

Hank is especially handsome at dusk.

Lucy: Don't hog it all George!  I've had that blasted grazing muzzle on all day and I deserve first choice!
George: Yea, yea, yea, whatever.

Alan: I'm going to wait my turn.  Lucy can be bossy when she's hungry.

Hank: I'd look up to tell you to 'sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite', but I'm busy.  See you at breakfast.


  1. Love your pics from ranch sitting at the 7MSN. I have been following her blog for quite a while. Nice to be able to hop over here too. All the animals seem so comfortable with you. Takes a special person to achieve that sense of calm and well being with the mom out of sight.

    Added your blog to the subscription feed. Won't check daily, but once in a while.

  2. How much fun you had and what a comfort to know that the animals and the ranch were well taken care of while in the hospital.

  3. Those are some very good pictures of the ranch and the animals. Sounds like you were able to keep busy. Can't wait for the next installment

  4. I understand your dilemma when it comes to spiffing up while you're babysitting a place. I ran into that while on grandma duty. Your explanation sounded very friendly and thoughtful. You are a true friend. Not just anyone would tidy a person's spice cabinet or pull out those tumble weeds. You are golden.