Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ranchsitting for 7MSN--Day 2

Many of you know that Carson will blog about her walks with Smooch.
She entitles them, "Down the Road with Smooch".
Even though Carson has a very sizable ranch, she can't let Smooch run all 80 acres for various reasons--chief among them, Smooch would run all the way to Colorado or Mexico if given the chance.

So, Smooch gets to go on a walk (or two) every day.
This gave me a chance to see more of the surrounding area.

Carson was quick to warn me on the telephone from the hospital to "stay on the road".
That way I could see if a rattlesnake was out sunning itself, far in advance.
Here, you can see that Smooch definitely sees something way up ahead in the road.
Ears forward, leash pulled tight.

 I walked slowly in that direction, but quickly picked up the pace when I realized what Smooch saw was crawling instead of slithering.
It was a box turtle.
It was not nearly as excited to see us, as we were to see it.

 I felt pretty luck to see it at all.
Often, when Carson has guests, a box turtle will turn up as sort of an ambassador to her place.
I was officially welcomed to 7NSN.


  1. Mixed feelings here. I'm loving the visits to 7MSN and your adventures there. But now you've introduced me to her 7MSN Ranch blog I have ANOTHER thing to do every day. Good thing you had Smooch to point out the fierce box turtle.

  2. Another wonderful post...I'm so glad she asked you to come and you went! Friends are important for healing.


  3. Lucky you having a "guard" dog to warn you of dangerous critters in the road. I'm loving hearing of your adventure to 7MSN Ranch