Monday, October 14, 2013

Ranchsitting 7MSN--Final Chapter

Carson came home mid-day on Sunday.
We finally got to meet.
I thought it would feel strange, but it didn't.

Sunday was spent enjoying the sunshine and her soaking up all the love her animals had to offer.
We finished the evening by watching the next-to-last episode of Breaking Bad and then discussing our theories of the final episode.
Carson turned in early.  
She finally got to sleep in her own bed, with her own dog.

photo credit:
On Monday, Carson needed to go to the doctor for a follow up appointment.
That meant 11 miles over questionable roads.
I was so grateful to have her as co-pilot.  She took this picture. This was a place where we got lucky and could drive on the 'shoulder'.  We encountered several other places like this, but no way to drive around them.  
Luckily, she knows her truck and she knows muddy conditions.
It took over an hour to go the distance.
She later told me that she started thinking it was a bad idea, not long after we left.

By the time we returned several hours later, the roads had dried up considerably.
Carson drove and it only about 20 minutes.
As I said before, She knows her truck, and she knows muddy conditions. 

I see Whitetail deer every single day at home.  No big deal anymore.
However, I was thrilled to see Pronghorn antelope in the wild for the first time.  They spent a good part of one morning grazing in Carson's closest pasture.

I might have accidentally slipped a few seeds from the purple flower (desert four o'clock??) in my luggage to bring home.

Wynonna spent much of her day sleeping while I was there.
She's an old girl and napping is her greatest desire.

 Last baby out of the nest.
When I got there, there were two swallows in the nest.  On Wednesday when I left, there was just one.
It really was time for he and his siblings to follow their parents south for the winter.

 Carson has a view of spectacular mesas, hills and mountains in all four directions from her house.
This one is my favorite, and I don't really know why.
On my way to the airport, I pulled over and took a few pictures.

There was road construction on one part of my trip to the airport.
It required a 10 minute wait.
I turned off the truck and took a few pictures of of a hillside I had seen on my way in with Don.
Geology is fascinating to me.  I always wonder what was happening on the earth when a certain formation appears.
On this one, it looks like giants built a rock wall about 2/3 of the way up the mesa.

I finally got the airport. 
Parked the truck and dropped the keys off at the appointed place for Danni to pick up.
She was flying in to resume Ranchsitting duties.

What a fabulous surprise when I got to my gate to find that the plane had come in from Portland.
She got off the plane that I was waiting to get on.
We got to exchange hugs and high-fives, just like we'd done a week earlier at the start of my little adventure.

photo credit: some nice lady at the airport--on Danni's phone.

The End

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  1. I understand the special spot in the road, pasture, hill, farm...I think it must be something called 'magic' it does so speak to me.