Friday, September 27, 2013

Ranch Sitting for 7MSN-Day 1

In my last post, I gave the rundown on the where and why I was in New Mexico.
I wasn't able to blog effectively because my iPad doesn't have a USB port for uploading pictures and it really only wanted me to type one page worth of text.
I'm far too long winded for that.
Over the next few days, I'll share a few pictures and a few observations.

 These are obviously not Lucy, Hank or Alan from 7MSN.
They are...........well, goodness I can't tell them apart!  
I do know that the handsome black donkey in the middle is Nigel.

Don and Justina met me at the airport with the intent of taking me to Carson's ranch.  
Don and I stopped by their ranch to pick up some muck boots and wood, should we get stuck on the road into 7MSN.

Bernard or perhaps Gracie?
I was so thrilled to get to meet their herd, as I was certain that I wouldn't get to.
In fact, if it weren't for New Mexico's flooding rains, I wouldn't have met Don and Justina either.

Ellsworth and Bernard?? 
 Don told me the donkeys generally stay away from the puddles in their arena because they are certain that all puddles are at least "donkey deep" if not deeper.  
Wouldn't want to drown right in your own yard!
Goodness, beats me!  Nigel just over the top of someone's back side.
 I discovered that taking a decent picture of a donkey requires two people or a telephoto lens.
They were all so friendly that I rarely had a moment where they weren't like Buck(???) in the photo below.
Up close and personal!  :)
Is this Buck?

Harriot maybe? 
 We left Morning Bray and headed south to Carson's place.
The road in from the highway was terribly, terribly sloppy.  
Carson really does live 7 Miles South of Nowhere--7MSN.
I wasn't sure we were going to make it.  
In several places it was like being on a ride at Disney World.
Bumpy with a lot of twists and turns (and fish tailing), but the driver had it all under control!
In fact, Don had a blast.  
After he made a 90 degree turn in foot deep mud, I quit worrying that we wouldn't get in.

Any landscape pictures I show you from here on out will not do justice to the stark beauty that is New Mexico.
The rains made the landscape come alive.
It really is stunning!

After we got to the ranch, Danni (ranch sitter #2) gave me the quick rundown on how to operate machinery, quirks with this gate or that, important reminders regarding animals, what to do with the electric fence should we get a lightning storm, and what all the important phone numbers were------then they were off.
Don took her back to Albuquerque to catch a plane.

Eugenia and Minnie---got any snacks?
 Some folks have asked me since my return to Austin if I was worried about being out there, all alone, in the middle of nowhere.
Nope, not even once.
I wasn't lonely either.

 I had chores to do, internet and television, a good book, and Smooch to keep me company.

 My only worry all week was whether I'd be able to get out to pick up Carson from the hospital.

 It rained.  
Then it rained some more.
The once sloppy, muddy roads had turned to "water over the road" roads.

 Funny how one story from the bible, that probably isn't one bit true, gives a person hope.
This bit of a rainbow (and it wasn't the last one I'd see) gave me hope that Carson would be on the mend and I'd be going to get her sooner than later.

Before I knew it, it was time to go out and get fly masks off the herd and put the rest of the animals up for the night.
Johnny Cash Cat came into the yard to visit with me as I looked out over the amazing landscape that stretched out in all four directions from the house.
Day one was closing.  Animals were all taken care of.
I scrambled myself some eggs and wandered through the wasteland that is television.
Smooch, ranch security/best-dog-ever, and I finally curled up with a good book before bed.
Lights out.
Wynonna the pot bellied pig would want breakfast before dawn tomorrow. 


  1. It was great of you to help Linda out!! And as for taking photos of my donkeys...I have blogged over and over about how difficult it is. Donkeys are the most curious and sociable creatures....making for "in your face" photo sessions! A second person helps immeasurably!

  2. New Mexico can be so stark and gray. I lived there for a short while and found the place dusty, craggy and ragged. Still when those big skies filled with giant thunderheads and the rains flowed out the sky--what life exploded--as your last photo of the cat and green sage shows so well. Love the donkey pics. Those guys look well loved and happy.

  3. I love your photos of the landscape. My Momma grew up in New Mexico so I am very familiar with the stark beauty of the landscape. Love your post, CeeCee


  4. I love your pictures. I had the pleasure of driving through New Mexico twice in my life and found it a very beautiful state.