Monday, September 2, 2013

A Good Egg

I have heard and used the phrase, "a good egg" all my life.
My Mother-in-Love uses the phrase as well.

We all know what it means, especially those that are keepers of chickens.
The several online dictionaries have this to say: 
"A person of kind, cheerful character." 
 " One who is thoughtful, helpful." 
"Someone who can be counted on."  
"Good natured."

The very definition of my Mother-in-Love.

 Eric and I have been missing mom's birthday since the beginning of our life as a married couple.  Mom's birthday is on the 10th of August.  Eric and I got married on August 6th and went on our honeymoon.  
That was the first time we missed her birthday.

We may have been at a birthday or two after that, but we have missed most all of her birthdays for the last 15+ years.  
Eric's work follows a fiscal calendar.  He begins his work year in August and finishes in July.
What does that mean?  
June and July are push, push, push to get final sales in.  He works for a very large computer company and the bottom line is terribly important, not only for obvious reasons, but it drives how the stock market views the company as well--how the public views the stock.  How they finish their fiscal year also drives the beginning of the next fiscal year (August).

So, what does that really mean? 
 It means he is head down-nose to the grindstone busy for most of the summer.  
Family vacations cannot take place until August.
Unfortunately, school starts in mid-August.
That puts our vacation window squarely in the second week of August---Mom's birthday week.
I kid you not!

Mom, true to the definition of Good Egg, takes it all in stride.
She tries to comfort me when I fuss about how we're missing her birthday again.
I try to make up for it by making a big deal out of her birthday when we are all finally together again.
This year, we had Grilled Chicken, Roasted Potatoes, Fresh Green Beans, Fruit Salad and homemade Peach/Blueberry Pie with Ice cream.
A simple meal, made at home, shared by family, with love, love, love for a Good Egg.


  1. Awwwwww! Happy Birthday, to your Mother-in-law!


  2. That is so sweet. Happy Birthday to your Mother-In-Love.

  3. Happy Birthday to Grandma Cox from the Zizzo's and much love for loving our Aunt CeeCee and her little family as much as we do!