Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Drink At Dusk

The migration south has begun for the hummingbirds.
A week after I took these pictures, I have so many hummers at my feeders that I am unable to count them.
If they stay true to this event, as in years past, I will have a large number of them at feeders for about a week and then they'll all but disappear.
A quick layover in Central Texas and then onward toward Mexico and Central America.
If you'd like to know more about their migration habits, 
click HERE for some amazing facts and some mythbusting about these tiny, fierce little birds.


  1. Not only are your photos lovely and a fine image of the end of summer, but it's nice to see a hummer pausing to enjoy the moment as well. Jealous of your little friends.

  2. Love your photos! They are leaving here now also. Maybe on their way to you!


  3. Can you imagine how much nectar it takes for them to fly so far? Incredible!

  4. Great photos. I could tell they were starting to migrate. I didn't have any all summer and all of a sudden here they are again. They are such beautiful creatures - so tiny and delicate, yet so very sturdy. Have a great weekend.