Sunday, August 18, 2013

Wishful Thinking or Helping Out?

I often look out my window while washing dishes, to see if I have any hummingbirds at my feeder.
Yesterday, something else caught my eye.

Do you see it, too?

Here, take a closer look.

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I wondered if my little praying mantis had visions of catching a hummingbird, or whether she was too smart for that?  
I think she was waiting patiently for one of the nasty red wasps that frequent the feeder.
A couple weeks back,  I killed a red wasp that spent two whole days chasing hummingbirds away.
Evidently, hummingbirds can fight, fight, fight among themselves for a turn at the feeder, but they're afraid of red wasps.
I am, too.  
I used the "sprays 20 feet" wasp spray to kill it.

I watched this little mantis for a couple days, sit in the blazing hot sun and not catch a thing.
I finally took matters into my own hands and gently moved her to a place in my garden where she'd be more likely to catch a meal.
I say "she" because it didn't try to fly away when I picked it up.
Turns out female mantises cannot fly with their wings.
I just love Google!  I learn something new every day.

I digress.

I hope this little female stays around and lays a nice little bundle of eggs. 
The only thing better than a grown mantis in the summer is a hundred teeny-tiny mantises in the spring.

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  1. Lucky you seeing a praying mantis. I took my hummingbird feeder down last month already as I had no birds. Seems they by-passed S.E. WI this year. So far this year I have seen only 3 hummers. Wild Birds Unlimited confirmed the fact that they by-passed the southern part of the state this year for some unknown reason.

  2. We are seeing lots of them right now. They are changing into a stick color, losing their green.


  3. Mantis are fascinating insects. They don't thrive around here since the winters are so harsh but we've captured them in warmer places and kept them around long enough to get better acquainted.

  4. I love praying mantii! So cool you got so see the babies!