Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Where 1+1=A Million Billion Gazillion

When I first saw one of these at the beginning of the summer, I prayed it was an anomaly.
I hoped I would not see a second one.
I told a friend from Louisiana what I'd seen.
"Did you kill it?!!"
"Well, no.  They're harmless.  Besides, we don't even have them in Austin.  It must have blown in with that last front."
"You should have killed it!  You lived in Houston.  You know how it can get."

The next day, I saw another.
I just hoped it was the same one from the previous day.
The next day, I didn't see one.
Phew! Dodged a bullet!

What I did was dodge that bullet for a couple months.
This morning, on one window, I saw this.
On another window I saw this.
So what's the big deal?
I have two black bugs on my windows.

photo credit:
This is what the big deal is----they are Lovebugs.
Aka Plecia nearctica. Aka Honeymoon Bug.  Aka Two-Headed Bug.
They are called Lovebugs for obvious reasons.
You seldom see them as a single bug.  
Usually they are seen as a couple, as they are in the above photo.
But still, what IS the big deal?

photo credit:
THIS is what the big deal is.
The black in the above photo are Lovebugs.  A million, billion, gazillion Lovebugs.
I found this picture on a website for a car/truck wash, exclaiming, 
"Are You Ready for Lovebug season?"
It's a place in Florida where these romantic bugs were first discovered.

If you click on the link below my second photo, you can read all about these harmless little black bugs and why I should have killed the first one I saw at the beginning of the summer.
I'm going to go kill the two on the windows, now.
Update:  Great, I went to kill them and they were gone.
I'm not going to tell my friend from Louisiana.  


  1. Aaack! Like the plagues of Moses! Maybe the two you saw were just on honeymoon and will return to their beachfront property to procreate.

  2. YUCK!!!!! I hope we don't got those things here!