Friday, August 16, 2013

No Pictures to Show For It

There should be too many pictures here.
Instead there are none.

I took my camera on vacation.
Really, I did.
I took four pictures.
Funny how a tiny camera (compared to cameras of old) was just too big to drag out of my purse.

If I ever choose to get a new phone (I hate new technology), I'll get one with a great camera.


Eric, Quinn, Jenna and I went to Chicago.
Jenna chose Chicago and Milwaukee as her 'Senior Trip'.

I'm going to be brutally honest and say that Chicago was a bust.
We saw some lovely things.  We had some great food.
But overall, there was at least one of us that was mildly or wildly unhappy at all times.

Three things were absolutely great.
The breakfast at the Weber Grill restaurant.
The weather---75* and partly cloudy.
The train system between our hotel and the touristy part of town.

The second half of our trip was MUCH better.
We rented a car in Chicago and drove to Milwaukee to visit 
my niece Sarah and her family.
We visited, we ate, and we took a trip to the zoo.
Our main objective was to meet the new baby, Luca.
I got to meet him in April, but the rest of the family had not.
In fact, Eric hadn't met any of the kids.
The last time he saw Sarah and Ryan, it was at their wedding.

I wish they lived closer.
I wish they lived in Texas.
Maybe we should all move to Iowa and call it even.

So, to wrap up.
Chicago---lovely city, but not everyone thought so.
Milwaukee---beautiful, green and best of all, some of our family is there.

On a side note: We got home, only to discover that our well might be almost dry.
The well company came out, replaced a part in the pump and thought we were good to go.
It did great for a couple days and this morning we have no water again.
Iowa is looking better and better every day.


  1. Welcome HOME! Sometimes having to remember to take photos is a drag! I'm glad you had fun!!


    1. I think you're right. My purse is hard to get into and dragging the camera out just became too much work.

  2. Happy to hear you had a nice trip and visit with family. Sorry to hear about your well. Doesn't sound good. Good luck with the well.

    1. Thanks, the well is doing fine now. Turns out it was a problem with a part in the pump. I was informed that the aquifer we are in, is dropping at a dramatic rate though. :(

  3. Maybe you should have skipped Chicago all together and stayed with us the whole time! I can't tell you how much we enjoyed having you. Bella even said "Mom, where does Aunt CeeCee live again?" to which I responded "Texas". She said "I have a great idea, maybe when Tutu and Papa Mark get here we should go to Texas and we can all have a playdate!" She was very excited about the whole thought of it :) We welcome you all any time! Often is best! You guys have the best family and the most incredible kids (even if they are pretty much grown). Much love to all of the Cox fam!