Monday, August 26, 2013

My Last First Day of High School

 The cutie-patootie, cherub cheeked boy in the middle started high school today.
As a parent, my life has changed more in the last four years than in all the years previous.
Jenna started and finished high school. Tomorrow is her first day of college.
Preston finished high school and is nearly finished with college.  In January, he'll be married!

Four years is forever.  Four years is a moment in time.

Quinn is beginning what I hope will be a time of great memories.
A time that he'll stretch his mental abilities and his athletic abilities.
A time where he'll grow friendships and learn that he's smart and funny and handsome.
A time where he'll learn that he can do whatever he wants in this world. 

I hope he feels blessed.  He is blessed beyond measure.  
In turn, he is a blessing to others.  Especially his family.
I know his brother and sister are thinking about him today.  
Remembering their feelings about their first day of high school.

We'll all be together again at Christmas.
It seems like such a long time from now.
It's exactly four months from today.  If four years can fly, I'd imagine four months will be here in a heartbeat.

I can remember when his head didn't come up to the window on the front doors.
5'7 and still growing!


  1. Handsome. Very best wishes to him for a great year. You're right. Time goes fast or slow depending on which end of the telescope we're looking through.

  2. Quinn is a very handsome young man. I wish him the best in High School. How time flies when you are having fun. It will be Christmas before you know it.

  3. I wish him the best of first years!!! They are always so exciting and scary all at the same time!