Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Happy 25th Anniversary!

25 years ago today, this guy said "I do" when asked if he'd take me as his wife.
He's been stuck with me ever since.

I'm certain he's probably wondered a time or two what he was thinking.
Lucky for me, he's committed to working through the rough patches together.
Sometimes he's needed hip waders and machete', but we've gotten through.

My life would have been terribly different had I not met him. 
I would have carried on with marriage and raising children, in the same manner I was raised.

He taught me how to love and how to disagree.
He taught me how to raise children without using guilt as the driving force for action.
He has opened up a world of possibilities that I would not have had otherwise.
We've been places I would never have gone without him.
He's supported everything I've ever wanted to do---well, almost everything.  
I still don't have donkeys.

Will be having some big celebration or vacation in honor of this anniversary? 
Not right now.
We've got lots on our plate, here at the end of summer.
We teased yesterday that we should have used our crystal ball when setting a wedding date to see that the end of summer is incredibly busy with family and work; and celebrating our anniversary would be next to impossible every single year.  
February would have been a better month. 
For now, we have hopes of going to Yellowstone by ourselves or eating ourselves silly in New Orleans.

Thanks for the first 25 honey!  Here's to 25+ more!
I love you madly!!


  1. I still do, Betus--glad you do, too!

    Love you the most, E

  2. Happy Anniversary to you and Eric. With many, many more to follow.

  3. He looks and sounds like the perfect Forever Friend. Best wishes for many more years together.

    If you make it to Yellowstone and/or Grand Teton National Park think about stopping by. We're just of ID hwy 20 on the way to Yellowstone and we can see the Tetons from our window.

  4. AWWW! What a lovely tribute! Happy Anniversary! Terry and I got married the 21st of December...talk about a not so go date...it gets lost in the shuffle of Christmas.