Saturday, August 3, 2013

Guess What Chicken Butt?

Old joke, don't know its origin.
It goes like this.
Me: Guess What
You: What?
Me: Chicken Butt!
Me: Guess Why
You: Why?
Me: Chicken Thigh!
Me: Guess Who
You: Who?
Both: (because there's an assumption that you know how this joke goes by now)
Chicken Poo!!

At this point, if we were both 9, we'd laugh like it was the best joke ever, because we'd both just said, "Chicken poo!" in unison.

I though of this joke right away when I saw this series of pictures I'd taken of Momma and her little buck fawn.

I long ago gave up having a compost pile because it invited raccoons and skunks and opossums to come to dinner at my house at night.  Whereupon, they'd discover that the salad bar also had chicken nearby.
They all love chicken.
And not in a friendly sort of way.

So, I decided to just sidestep the nocturnal chicken killers and feed the deer instead.
They were grateful and even go so far as to share the salad bar with the chickens.

The trouble is, I can hardly ever get a picture of just the deer.
The chickens continually photobomb (usually with their 'chicken butts') most of my attempts at decent pictures of just deer.

I finally gave up and zoomed in, to purposely cut Ms. Hen out of the photo.


  1. Good photos! You are so right about night feeders and chickens...not a good mix! I love the Momma...ready to run if she has too, but really would prefer to stay right there and graze.


  2. Your deer AND chicken photos are nice!! I could sit and watch deer all day long!! Especially the fawns when they start playing and hopping around!

  3. Heh heh. Fun to know the WHOLE joke. Now I wish I had a grandkid or two right here to share it with. Having so many neighbor critters must be a challenge but at least you are sharing in a nice way and not sending them to their doom.

    Guess what? Great chicken butt shots, anyway. :D

  4. Lucky momma deer and her fawn - a salad bar. Those are some great pictures. If I was younger I would be sitting here LMAO!!!

  5. Yes, Carla, good bread makes pants shrink. That's why I've gone to making one loaf at a time. That way I can still geek out on punching dough and baking methods without rolling around the kitchen too badly. Plus the ducks at the park love my FAILs.