Thursday, August 22, 2013

Amazing Book, Chapter 6

The Book of Jenna

Chapter 1

Infancy and Toddlerhood

Fitful infant. Never slept. Only wanted Momma. Even Daddy wouldn't do.
Delightful Toddler! Once in motion, her tears stopped.  The world was her oyster.

Chapter 2

Another circle is added to her life experience.
Loved Preschool! Loved new friends!
Loved Bugs and other creepy crawlies!
Loved Life!

Chapter 3

Elementary School
Yet another circle is added.
A fine experience.  
They figured out what we already knew---she's crazy smart and thinks outside the box.
A few emotional hurdles.

Chapter 4

Middle School
Circle Four is added.
Overall, a good experience.  Much better than many girls have in Middle School.
A couple boyfriends.  Several new girlfriends.
Musical Theater.
Some heartache. Some sadness. 
Some elation. Some amazing adventures.
New York City, for heaven's sake!

Chapter 5

High School
Circle 5, her life expands like ripples in pond.
School work gets harder. She's up to the test.
More self-confident.
Figures out what she 'wants to be when she grows up.'
Making plans.  Cementing friendships.
Three boyfriends.
Still with #3.  He's pretty wonderful.
First paying job.
They want her back next summer. 
"She's a hard worker, just like us."

Wasn't she just a baby?
Did time really fly like I was told it would?

Chapter 6

Today we leave for Iowa.
Soon,  she will add another circle to her life experience.
On Saturday, she will spread her wings and fly.

Is she prepared?  Yes, a resounding yes!
She's amazing!  
We're so very, very proud of who she is and where she's headed.
We love her truly, madly, deeply!

Are we prepared?

The house will be quieter, darker, without her in it.
She is a light in our lives that we will miss having access to every day.
Thank goodness for Skype and texting!

I can't wait to see what amazing things she'll do in this chapter of her life.
Knowing her, it will be a wonderful adventure.

Love you baby!  
Have a blast and maybe study a little bit. :)


  1. According to research at Emory University, knowing family background and personal story is a valuable tool for children in creating their own emotional health and self-worth. Jenna is blessed to have your writing and narrative to help her see herself as part of a family and knowing its history.

    That sounds a little like a piece of a college lecture, but it seems to be true that kids really benefit from sharing family stories. Way to go, Mom.

  2. Jenna is lovely!! Congratulations on going to college!

  3. I think you did an outstanding job...with the post and with your darling daughter. Gosh, are you an empty nester now?


  4. What a wonderful life she has had. Good luck Jenna in you new adventure and your new life as a college student. Looks like she has a very good foundation.

  5. Very sweet! It's gonna be ok mom!