Tuesday, July 16, 2013

When an Arrow is Not Just an Arrow

Good morning all,
While searching for a photo of an arrow on the interwebs this morning, the picture of the young man you see above was the first picture that popped up.
He really has nothing to do with my post, other than to point out that the internet is a strange and wonderous place.  
You never know what you'll get when you type in a search word.

The real arrow for you to look at is the red one.
It points to a new widget that Linda suggested.
(waves--Hi Linda)
I suggest all bloggers have one, as I follow many blogs that are like my own.
I am a hit-or-miss sort of blogger and folks often click over here, only to see that I haven't added a new post (again). 
Now, you can add your email to the little widget and it will send you an email when I've actually added something new. 
I seriously doubt the email gets used for any nefarious purposes by me, Google, or the government. 
We all know that if you've ever bought anything online, that the world has access to your information--they just have to be good at looking for it.
I'm not.

So, please add your email if you like.
Until then, somebody please get that boy up top, a bandaid.
If I have any young readers, let me suggest that you not get involved with this boy.
He's a 'bad boy'.
He can't be changed.
He might be beautiful to look at, but he'll break your heart.

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