Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Devil is in the Details

This is a Rustic Sphinx Moth

Sphinx Moths are often thought to be 'baby hummingbirds' by those that are not familiar with either moths or hummingbirds.  Many of their species are out in daytime, feeding on the nectar of flowers. The confusion is easily understood.

While beautiful and many in number (124 species in North America alone), their caterpillars are voracious eaters. 
The Tomato Hornworm (named for the ''horn'' on its backside) is a common giant caterpillar found to be devouring your tomato plants every summer.
Just one or two can make a plant all but disappear in one day.

This particular species is fabulous at camouflage. 
 If Eric hadn't disturbed its resting place under our trampoline, we would never have seen it. 
 It fluttered into the grass and then onto a tree.
Once on the tree, it becomes nearly invisible.

I spent so much time taking pictures of it, that I began to see things.
I swear I see a devil on its back.
I also see a monster.
Do you see them?
If you see the devil, the the monster is right above it.

See either one of them yet?
If not, 


  1. We have some interesting moths and such around but I have never seen that type and his camo is amazing! Good find and so cool with the pic on your hand for perspective

    1. I love all insects, but ones with 'scritchy' feet give me the willies. It was all I could do to hold this lovely thing without flinging it off. He definitely has feet that hold on tight.

  2. What beautiful creatures they are. You took some great pictures.

    1. Thanks Linda. I thought he was amazing.