Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Creepiest Bug in Texas

We have some big bugs in Texas.
It is Texas after all.
This titan was found wandering our floor by our cat, Hobbes.  
After much squealing and jumping about, I was able to herd it into a container.
Note to self--they can climb walls (((shudder)).

If you are at all interested in such things, you should know that this Red Headed Centipede (Scolopendro heros) is neither a bug nor an insect.
The saying "All Bugs are Insects, but Not All Insects are Bugs" is decidedly unhelpful, unless you know the difference between the two.

Here's what 
has to say about the matter:
  • Insects’ bodies are usually made up of three body parts but the bugs have no specific number of segments.
  • The insects undergo metamorphosis, either complete or incomplete. The bugs however do not undergo metamorphosis.

Even that isn't helpful unless you're into life cycles of bugs and insects.
This large, scary creature is actually more closely related to lobsters, crawfish and shrimp than it is to June Bugs and Butterflies.
However, when Eric said, "Hmmm, dinner??" when I sent him this picture, I declined to make it a part of our evening meal.

In fact, I kept it overnight and released it this morning.
Far, far away from the house.
Like snakes, they eat things we consider pests.
Also, like snakes, they pack a wallop when inflicting a bite.
Thus, the "far, far away" when releasing.

If you want to read more about this critter, here's an excellent place to start.


  1. That looks like one of those plastic bugs you get when you are a kid..holy cow's real!