Thursday, July 11, 2013

Six Months in Fast Forward

Well, here I am again.  
I decided to get over my "I've missed so much, how can I go forward?" question.
While each of these pictures deserves a blog post of its own, I simply cannot make it happen.
Blogger and importing photos from my cranky computer have made it impossible.
So, here's the Cliff's Notes (a gold star for those who know what Cliff's Notes are) version of the last 6 months.

photo credit:
Jenna got her first job at the most amazing pizza place ever.
We're hooked.
I'm hooked on their Brussels and Jam pizza.
Don't knock it til you try it.
She's making amazing money, which will help pay for books and inferior pizza at college this fall.

Quinn made District in high hurdles this year.
I still have trouble watching him run.
Hurdle wipeouts are brutal to witness.
Luckily (knock on wood), he's never done it.

Dad turned 85.
One year for his birthday, he got a baby boy.
Joel's not a baby anymore, but I have no idea how old he is.
He probably likes it that way.

Jenna graduated from high school.
We had a big party.
This was the fruit and cheese platter.
For some reason, I failed to get a shot of the actual food.
Eric convinced me that I'd have better time if we had the whole thing catered.
We did.
I did.
Creek Road Cafe, rocks!

(l-r) Rachel, Morgane, Jacob, Jenna

(l-r) Rachel, Morgane, Jenna

Jenna with Grandpa and Grandma

A rare shot of me
She's taller than me.
Has been since 6th grade.

(l-r) Eric, Aunt Nora, Grandpa, Quinn, Jenna, Grandma, me

Aunt Nora got to come to graduation!

Uncle Joel and Aunt Jody got to come, too!

Moving on from graduation------------

By some miracle, I raised one bunny to releasable age and weight.
I really kept her too long, but the weather and my own anxiety about releasing this wee baby kept me from it.
I finally relented and released her because I was leaving town for a week and didn't want Grandpa and Grandma to have to look after her in addition to the rest of my animals.

This is where I went for a week.
I was a counselor at our church camp for elementary age school kids.
Jenna was a CIT (counselor in training) all week as well.
The weather was stellar and my little girl campers were amazing.
They all got along, no one got hurt, and no one was homesick.
That's a trifecta in my book!

While we were gone, this terribly handsome man turned 50.
We missed his birthday!
As luck would have it, he missed it to.
He was in Orlando on a business trip.
Thankfully, someone found out about his birthday and he was celebrated more than once on his trip.
Cake and all!

July 3rd marked the 6 month point for Preston and Katie's wedding.
This is one of their engagement pictures.
I'm certain time will fly, as it has done for the last 6 months and the wedding will be here before I know it.

Hopefully, I won't get 6 months behind again.
My next few ventures will be as follows:

1. A trip to Iowa for another church camp.
I'm driving a 12 passenger van.
God please keep us safe.
Heaven help my backside, too.

2. We (without Preston, boo--he's working 2 jobs and going to school) will be headed to Chicago and Milwaukee for Jenna's choice of vacation.  We let the kids pick when they graduate high school.
Chicago will be sightseeing/eating.
Milwaukee will be to see Sarah, Ryan and the babies!

3. Back to Iowa again.
This time to take Jenna to college.
It's terribly bizarre to have so many mixed emotions about his event.
God, thank you for the person that invented Skype.


  1. Oooo! Oooo! I get a gold star. Cliff Notes got me through some tight places. Brussels and Jam pizza sounds weird but I'm up for it. Congrats to the winners and grads and birthday boy! Congrats to you and the GOOD news of no bad news from camp. Best wishes for more fun and blessings on the rest of your incredibly busy summer.

  2. I am so glad you are back. I missed your posts - thanks for the Cliff notes, they helped.