Thursday, July 18, 2013

Road Trip

Tonight, 9 people will arrive at my house for a sleepover of sorts.
Tomorrow morning, we will get up, load up two 12-passenger vans and head north.
North to Waco and then Dallas for more people.
Further north through Oklahoma and then finally Kansas.
Wichita will our final destination for the day.
We'll bed down for the night at a church.
Saturday morning we'll get up, brush our teeth, grab some breakfast and head to Iowa.
What's in Iowa?
Spectacular is what's in Iowa!
But what's Spectacular?

What I will say is that it's a week long camp for high school age kids.
It's a camp full of sports, arts, crafts, music, friendships, and God.

It starts each day before I'd like to really be out of bed.
Each day ends wwaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy after my bedtime.
I usually start my evening nap on the sofa at 9:30 and then wander to bed about 11:00.
Lights out at this camp isn't until 12:30!
I have to stay up until then, because I have to make sure my campers are all in their room.

While this camp is for the campers, I'm very excited about it as well.
I wasn't lucky enough to be able to go to camps when I was a kid.
I don't have lifelong friendships that come from spending the week with people I barely know. 

Discovering common interests and goals,
Common weaknesses and triumphs,
Common sadness and silliness.

I'll know several people there, but I am getting the chance to see a woman I haven't seen since my high school graduation. 
We weren't friends in high school.  
In fact, we were enemies of sorts.
There was a boy involved.
No surprise there.

Anyway, thanks to Facebook, I was able to apologize after all these years.
She was kind enough to forgive me.
We've been friends on Facebook ever since.
I can't wait to finally give her a hug.  
Share a meal. Share a laugh. Share a song.

Oh wait, this camp is for high schoolers!
I was in high school once.  That counts doesn't it?

I'll do the whole drive in reverse on 27th.
Prayers and good thoughts for safe travels would be much appreciated.
We grown ups will be a bit sleep deprived on the way home.
Can anyone say Coffee, Coffee, Coffee?

See you in 10 days or so.
I hope you have a lovely week.


  1. Drive fast, take chances! Have fun!

  2. Don't know about the "drive fast" but I sure hope you have loads of fun and take few chances to try new things, make new friends and renew the old acquaintances.

  3. Have a great time at camp and safe travels.