Wednesday, June 19, 2013

To Quit or Not to Quit, That is the Question

I've been contemplating the end of my blog.
Will I or won't I?

What are my reasons?

A very important subject that I haven't blogged about. :(

Reasons for Ending:

I'm so very far behind on lifetime events, that I can't possibly cover them.
Birthdays, graduations, Easter, Vacations, etc.
I feel guilty covering the mundane if I haven't covered the joyous/important---therefore I cover nothing at all.

My computer is terribly slow.  It especially hates dealing with photos, and I believe photos are the meat and potatoes of any blog.  When clicking on your photos to pick one, causes the computer to freeze up, it takes all the fun out of it.

I started this blog so my kids would know more about me.  I think I've covered everything.  I have nothing to hide, nor anything new to share.

Several of the blogs that I enjoyed sharing with and reading, have stopped publishing.  I used to feel a bit of friendly peer pressure--"If so-and-so can publish a post about (fill in the blank), then I can come up with something too."

My life is blessedly and cursedly boring.

Reasons for Keeping It Up:

Maybe, one day, my kids or husband will care/read about what I write.  

I still have a few blogs that I read and love--this is the place that I have them marked.---Although I've even quit commenting on their blogs because I've gotten lazy. 

It really was never about outside readers and commenters.  It was for my family.  Although, if you go back to the top of this list, you'll see a flaw in my plan.

Maybe I'll give a Cliff's Notes version of life's happenings and move on.
Maybe I won't.