Saturday, May 18, 2013

Breakfast with Bunnies

In addition to their baby formula, it's now time for big bunny food.
Salad greens, grasses, wood sorrel, verbena and rose flowers.
A grated carrot, because we all know bunnies love carrots.

Notch is always first to the breakfast table.

He's the more adventurous of the two.

Peg is a bit a worrier.
That will serve him well in the wild.

Peg's ready for me to stop taking pictures so he can eat in peace.

Unfortunately, they now have names.  
It doesn't mean they won't be released.  
It just means I needed a way to tell them apart.  Their names aren't lovely or lilting.
They're descriptive, but it suits them.

The bunny on the left is Notch.  The bunny on the right is Peg.
They both came in with a skin condition that caused some scabbing.
When the scabs came off, so did the skin.
Notch has two bits of skin missing from his right ear (you can see it if you click on the picture to enlarge it).
Peg has large (if you're a bunny) piece missing from the top of his left ear.

I call them "he"
but I won't know what sex they are until nearly release time.  
They just feel like male bunnies to me.  Don't know why.

That concludes this installment Breakfast with Bunnies.
Have a nice day. :)

Monday, May 13, 2013

51 grams minus 28 grams =10 Days

I'm certain there's not a math teacher on the planet that could make heads or tails of that math problem.
That's because it should read like this.
The difference between 28 grams and 51 grams is 10 days.
That's how much my rescue bunnies have grown in 10 days.

When these two came in, the largest one weighed as much as 5 quarters. 
 (trivia: 1 quarter weighs 5.67 grams)
Now the largest one weighs almost as much as 9 quarters.
Or, if you don't have 9 quarters to rest in your hand (cuz I know you will want to)
the average large egg weighs 50 grams.  
If you're getting the idea that they're tiny, you're right.
They are, however, giant compared to 10 days ago.
I'm just delighted that they are alive.
I was certain they'd die.  
They've started nibbling grass, carrot shavings and some Chia sprouts that Jenna grew.
They have a lot of growing to do before they're ready to be put out on their own.
It'll be hard.  
I've grown attached to these tiny bunnies.
I still haven't named them.  
I know better than that.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

I Remember When She Was Born...

 ...And now she's got 3 kids of her own.
My niece, Sarah's birthday was in late April.  
My sister, Nora and I met up in Wisconsin to help celebrate Sarah's birthday and meet our newest great-nephew.
A few days full of love, laughter, melt-downs, toddler arguments, good food, silliness and snuggles.
We went for a couple walks, played outside, did a wee bit of shopping and mostly just talked.  
It's so good to be able to do all those things and experience those things, face-to-face.
Skype's got nothing on an actual visit.

Great Aunt Nora and Luca
Beautiful smile
"Can I take your picture Aunt CeeCee?"
Pretty fine aim for a 3 year old, don't you think?
"Let's make silly faces, Aunt CeeCee"

"Aunt Nora, make a silly face!"

Bella holding Luca and keeping him entertained

Sarah's Birthday cake.
Seriously, the very best cheesecake I have ever eaten.
In. My. Life. 
Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to you......

Make a wish and blow out the candles!

Wonder if her wish will come true?

Ryan cutting the cake and Aunt Nora getting plates.
I'm just taking pictures and waiting on my piece.

Chocolate cake on the bottom. Cheesecake in the middle.
Raspberry yumminess on the top.
All of it wrapped in a chocolate ganache'.
Did I say it was the best cheesecake I have ever eaten?
In. My. Life.?
Grayson agrees with me

He's a man of few words

"Aunt CeeCee, make a silly face."

"Aunt CeeCee, make an angry silly face."

"Smile momma"

"Okay momma, now close your eyes."

"Aunt Nora, now you close your eyes."
Luca is enjoying his bouncy seat instead of cheesecake.
Maybe next year.

Big, blue-eyed boy.
Sarah calls him Mr. Moose.

Sitting still for a minute. :)

Going on a date!

It's not as hard as Sarah and Ryan say it is, taking care of 3 kids under the age of 4.
Oh wait, there were two of us and a movie in the DVR.
And food.

And it was almost bedtime.

So happy together!

Smiley boy.

The end.

I'm adding a footnote.
American Airlines, whom I hate with purple passion, did something unbelievable.
I got to Wisconsin and back on time, with no trouble in any airport.
Never. Happened. Ever.
I must have used up a boatload of Karma points!

Friday, May 3, 2013

I Promise I Still...

....Read Your Blog

I try to leave comments on all the blogs I read.  

I have just been terribly busy.

Eric and I were out of town for a week.
Immediately following that, I was in Wisconsin visiting Sarah, Ryan and the babies.
I got home and it was time for Jenna's prom.

I also have 3 new charges who take up a great deal of time.

These are the bunny brothers.  
Don't know if they are male or female, but 'bunny brothers' seems to fit them.
They came in with 3 other siblings.  
Their nest had been located by a family's dog and rousted around a bit.
The 3 siblings died within the day.
Judging by their weight and size, they were less than a week old when I got them in.
Tomorrow, they will have been with me a week.
They are living in spite of me.
I'm beginning to think that bunnies have a better chance of survival (if forced into rescue), the less time they spent with their mom.
Only time will tell.

"I don't do birds." 
That's what I tell people when they call about baby birds.
You can see how that worked out.

This baby was rescued from inside the walls of a diesel mechanic place in my little town.  
He'd fallen into the wall from the nest that was 20 feet up, near the ceiling.
They took the wall apart.  The least I could do was "do birds".
It's a Starling.
I know, I know.
Starlings are an introduced species. 
Messy. Bossy. Noisy.
I couldn't resist this little face and eager mouth.
This mouth wants food every 30 minutes.
Every 30 minutes during daylight hours.

Jenna is graduating soon.
Parties, announcements, Senior pictures, folks coming into town, cleaning, pasture mowing...

Quinn is in the soccer playoffs with his club team.

My brain is so busy, I forgot about Mother's Day---until Preston reminded me.
I want a zero-turn, 48 inch deck lawn tractor if anybody asks.

So, those are my excuses for not commenting.  
I do read you every day.  
I pray if you've got something bad going on.  
I giggle if something silly happened.  
I smile at a lovely story.  
I marvel at your artwork and craftwork.  
I am jealous (in a good way) of your photographic eye.  
I feel bad for those of you that are still receiving winter weather---it's May for goodness sakes!

PS.  The squirrels moved to the next installment of their lives.
A large, outdoor cage at another rehabbers place.
By now, they've opened the cage door and will continue to offer the babies food until they quit coming around.
They're young adult squirrels now.
Time for moving out.