Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Squirrel Lady

When I was a rehabber, 14+ years ago, I did only squirrels.
I don't remember how it happened that way, but it did.  

This time around, I've also taken in bunnies and an opossum.
Honestly, the opossum is wildly simple to care for.  They only take a moment to feed, because they are "tubed".  I put a tube down the little guy's throat and squeeze in the opossum milk replacement formula.
I told someone at church today that I could feed a whole room full of opossums in the time it takes me to feed four bunnies.

Squirrels are right there between bunnies and opossums as far as care and keeping.  They can be rough to feed, but they're eager learners.  
They get sidetracked.  
Once their eyes are open, they're too busy to bother with eating. 
That's the case with this little guy.  He woke up this morning and his eyes were magically open, whereas yesterday, they were closed.
Yesterdays good eater is a distracted eater today.

I got him in, on Thursday night.  He and his siblings were the victim of an accident.  A man was chopping down a tree and then proceeded to section it.  He ran his chainsaw right through the hollow in the tree where they were nesting.  One sibling was killed by the saw and his other sibling was probably killed by the fall.  This little one was slightly nicked by the saw, but is healing nicely.

He weighs 3.7 ounces and is growing by the minute.  He eats 4 times a day and still has to have a heating pad to keep his body temperature regulated---especially now that he has no roommates.
With eyes open, he is quick to climb my up my sweater, jacket or shirt.  "Up" means safety from predators that lurk on the ground.  This is why, nine times out of ten, a squirrel can out maneuver and outrun your dog or cat.  They've had lots and lots of practice.

I see myself becoming the Squirrel Lady again.
They suit me.
Plus, they're downright adorable.


  1. Wow! talk about a brush with death! Baby Squirrel is so blessed to be safe and have a warm heating pad and a "mom." I'm always amazed at how quick squirrels are and how confident and tireless dogs are about chasing them. Guess that's where the term, "dogged" comes from. Dogged isn't always smart, though. Looking forward to more of the stories of Squirrel, Possum and Bunny.

  2. Your baby squirrel is adorable!! Good luck!

  3. The bay squirrel is very cute. I think you have found your new "calling" in life as a wild life rehabber. You really seem to enjoy it and it seems to come naturally to you. I am very happy for you.

  4. Glad his eyes are open...that makes for less stress (as far as survival) and more fun for you!

  5. How lovely!

    My sister raised a squirrel these last few years. "Earl the Squirrel", also injured in a tree-felling mishap.

    Thank you for the work you do!

    Greetings from Minneapolis,


  6. Oh, he/she is adorable! I so admire your work.