Thursday, March 14, 2013

Strange Bedfellows

Jenna captured this scene while Eric and I were in Colorado on a ski trip.
Hobbes and Mandy never occupy the same space.
They are never nearly touching.

Hobbes has a disdain for all things canine. 
 He pretty much has a disdain for all other living creatures, unless they serve him in some fashion. 
I serve him.
I provide the food opening and the door opening and the lap to lie on when he is chilled.
The 'laying on my lap' is a nightly occurrence.
If I haven't settled in somewhere by 8 o'clock, he makes it clear I should do so at my earliest convenience--or sooner.  Or yesterday, gosh darn it!

Mandy, however, is all about me.
She's where ever I am.
The kids often say that if they can't find me, they'll look for Mandy.
She's protective and unusually attached at the same time.
She will always be between me and anyone new who comes to our house.
She's not aggressive, just a presence.
She would dearly love to tear the cat to pieces, but refrains out of respect for me.
I've trained her not to, and that's good enough for her. 

So why are two animals, who clearly do not like each other, lying on Jenna's bed?
Almost touching!

Routine, I suppose.
I'm gone and it's thrown off their whole groove.
The cat cannot have "cat lap" and Mandy simply doesn't know what to do with herself without me around.
They find the next best woman for the job----Jenna.
Jenna and I both are fascinated by the fact that she's the one they go to when I'm not around.
Is it that she is female like me?
Or is it because she's the caretaker and they sense it.

I guess we'll never know. 


  1. I say, "Strange Bedfellows" all the time btw...I guess I never wondered where it came from but I am glad it bugged you and you looked it up!

  2. Unfortunately, I look up way too much. Someone might say, "Gee, I wonder how many petals there are in an American Rose?" I'm off to visit Uncle Google and find out---even though I don't care one bit about roses.

  3. It looks like you were missed. No warm lap means move closer to whatever source of heat might be around even if it's the dog. Your four-legged companions are both very handsome.

  4. The "strange bedfellows" must really have missed you. Good thing Jenna was there as a substitute for you. Sometimes when our routine is messed up we seek solace with someone we normally wouldn't as did Hobbes and Mandy.