Thursday, March 7, 2013

Office Assistant and the Plastic Bag Ban

Austin recently joined several other cities in enacting a law that makes it illegal for merchants to give you your goodies in a plastic bag. 
 My office assistant, Hobbes, is against the ban.  He feels as though it is infringing upon his rights to have fun every time I come home from the grocery store.

 Lucky for him, we don't technically live in Travis county, so the bag ban doesn't affect him much.
He will continue to be able to get in the bags.  Hide for a moment, and then get stuck in the handle on the way out.

While the ban doesn't affect him personally (catally?), it will affect me.  I shop in Austin.
BUT, not often enough that I remember the bag ban.
I wonder how many merchants will ring up someone's order, only to have them say, "Oh hey, I have to run out to my car to get my reusable bags." (raises hand)

 I once did a lot of research on "plastic or paper." 
 I discovered that they are equally as bad for the environment, in different ways.
I ended up choosing plastic because I reuse the bags more readily than paper ones.
I also chose plastic because the office assistant prefers them.


  1. Cute Kitty!
    I agree about these plastic bags.
    You see them everywhere - flying in the breeze - getting hung up on stuff. Would be nice if they were biodegradable!! But they seem to last forever.
    Go out to Arizona and you see them everywhere caught on bob wire.
    Tisk - tisk!

  2. They are now saying the reusable bags harbor bacteria and very many germs because people don't laundry them.