Friday, March 8, 2013

A Face Only a Mother Could Love

I challenge anyone to think that this baby isn't a cutie pie.
The cuteness doesn't carry into adulthood in my opinion, but that's okay. Opossums don't really care what I think.

This wee one was rescued off a busy road last night.
The girl that found him sounds just like me at her age--"I'd have a whole house full of animals if my husband would let me.  I'd have kept this little guy, too, but I'm a teacher and wouldn't have time to care for him.  Please send me pictures as he grows.  Don't you think he's adorable? Please tell me he'll live!........"
She was so concerned for his well-being that she drove 40 miles to bring him to me.  
She also stopped traffic to rescue him.
So like me.

Let's get one thing straight---I am not a fan of opossums.  
This wee one will be well cared for and cooed at when I feed him.
He will be congratulated when he finishes all his formula.

He will also be released when it is time, somewhere far, far away.

Opossums will eat just about anything, including chickens.
My chickens.
The awful part is, they'll usually just eat the head.

They also carry a protozoa that causes Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis (EPM)---something that will disable or kill horses. 
It's an ugly, ugly disease.  Expensive to treat and most often unsuccessful. 
I have three neighbors that have 9 horses between them.  
I would not be a good neighbor if I released this little guy on my place.  

Aside from chicken eating and EPM, opossums are an important part of the food chain.  One of their favorite things to eat is carrion (roadkill).  The dispose of all the ickiness in the world. 
They are also outstanding mothers.  
Gotta love a good mother, no matter how scary she looks.
Fifty, razor sharp teeth and no hair on your tail would make anyone look scary.

If you'd like to know more tidbits about opossums, click HERE.  


  1. You are an Angel to all the critters of the world. My girlfriend was given a little opossum and they named her Alice! This looks just like Alice. She'd follow everyone around like a puppy ---- at night! Since Alice would sleep all day. Yours has adorable big eyes!!
    Unlike the baby bunnies - your opossum is very hardy and as you said - will eat anything. She fed hers alpo dog food and dried dog food. Didn't know about all the diseases!!

  2. Suzan, they are terribly adorable and sssoooo much easier to care for.
    This little one will be eating puppy food as she weans. Glad your girlfriend has had such a good experience.

  3. We have possums coming here to eat regularly in the dark (chicken feed) but woe betide one who gets into the henhouse!

    1. Hi Mary Ann. I walk very thin line between getting my chickens locked up before the night predators come out. I'm lucky enough to have a neighbor a couple acres over, that will come close the coop if I'm out for the evening.

  4. Yes, the baby is cute. But I agree the big ones aren't much to look at. Still, a baby animal deserves a chance at survival and I cheer you and your new friend in your efforts.

    1. I only take the babies (of any animal). Grown up wild animals have no use for humans, especially when they come to us---they're very injured. I'm simply not that brave.

  5. That baby is darling! We don't have those critters in this part of the world, but we have others...I cheer you all living things need a chance!