Monday, February 4, 2013

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

"Where'd the squirrel go?"

"How'd he get clear over there?"

"Danged old squirrel.  I wish I could leap off the roof like he does."

Hobbes has recently discovered that he can get up on the roof of the cabana and the roof of the house if he goes up into the spindly thin branches of the trees nearby.  I suspect he was taught this by our local squirrels by accident.  Chasing squirrels without watching where you're headed can open up a whole new world of adventure.
There's only one tree that touches our house.  It's a small redbud.  The branches that touch the house are very thin, indeed.  Still he's been up there at least twice that I know of.  Recently, we saw him looking in the house from a 2nd story window that is 25 feet up in the air. 
Sometimes I'd rather not know what he does on his own time outdoors.


  1. Cats! They are a bundle of energy. Sammy has been into going outside at night..a feeling of spring is in the air here and he just can't handle being inside!


  2. We can all get into trouble when we let the squirrely ones lead us off the edge. Yeah, and it's probably good not to know how Hobbes got up there.

  3. Your Hobbes really cracks me up. And to think he learned how to do this from a squirrel. Hahaha