Thursday, January 17, 2013

Who Doesn't Love Edamame?

Who doesn't even know what an Edamame is?
I didn't until a few years ago. 

I always thought soybeans were for animal feed and tofu-eating, vegetarian tree-huggers.
Well, it is for animals food, but it's also a yummy veggie when eaten in it's fresh state--edamame.
I even like tofu now.  
That's okay, because I was always a tree-hugger anyway.

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Back to my original post title--Who doesn't love edamame?
My chickens, that's who.

This morning, I took them out some leftovers from a stir fry we had earlier in the week.
Broccoli, tofu, carrots, mushrooms, edamame, zucchini, chicken and noodles. 
They ate everything, but the edamame. 
Yes, they even ate the chicken.  I know, I know--cannibalism and all that.  
Chickens don't have the same social mores' that we do.  
I digress.

The edamame just sat there, all by its lonesome.  Trapped in a bowl that even the ants couldn't get in to. 
If it were me, I'd have left the broccoli.
It isn't the first time they've shunned something I thought they'd love. 
They eat so many other green things.
Why not the soy?
Why not the green fruit loops?

I wonder if they'd eat peas?
Or green sprinkles?

Wait, they ate the broccoli and the zucchini???

Scientific Method, here I come.


  1. There is just no accounting for taste LOL.

  2. Maybe they are like me and just don't know what to do with the stuff. Your chickens are lucky they're getting it for free. I've seen edamame in our grocery store among the high priced strange stuff. Even if I brought it home and cooked it the two guys who live here would probably give it the chicken treatment.

    1. Linda, I know, right! :)

      Leenie, look in your frozen food section. FAR less expensive than the ''fresh'' ones in your produce section. When they are still in the pod, we boil them in very salty water. Then sprinkle the pods with a little salt once in a bowl. You just squeeze the pods near your mouth and the beans just pop out. Fun, finger food. They taste very nutty, you men might like them.
      Also, you can buy them already shelled in the frozen section. Boil and cool them to add to salads or stir frys.
      We never have them as a side by themselves. Eric's not crazy about them, but he'll eat them as snack or in a salad.

  3. M daughter loves the stuff, but my husband REFUSED to even try it. SIGH. Then we found out to not eat soy since it isn't good for thyroid problems...he was convinced he would never touch another one in his life. Go figure.