Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Out of My Element

photo credit: wikipedia
Out of my element and happy for the opportunity.
Eric and I were invited to go along with a group to do some skiing in Colorado.  
I don't ski.
I have skied several times in the past and didn't find it particularly enjoyable.
I was never been able to just let my muscles relax and enjoy the ride.
At the end of the day, I would feel very much like I'd been hit by a truck. 
Still, I would not pass up an opportunity to come 'visit' winter.  

So what am I doing, if I'm not skiing.
Yesterday, I took a bath.  
A long bath.  I never take baths.
I did some shopping in town with a lovely woman in our group that is not skiing this year either.
We found a place to lunch that seemed to be filled with locals.  
Nothing like a grilled cheese sandwich piled high with tomatoes and guacamole to make you feel like you're on vacation.
I also read.
I'm reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed.  I'm reading without feeling guilty.
I'm drinking tea while I read.
I'm waiting patiently by a window for the perfect photograph of the local Magpies.
I'm spying on the neighbors (not really)---they came out of their house while I was waiting on Magpies and proceeded to climb up on their roof.  
They then snowboarded down their roof.  
Over and over again.
I get the feeling that these boys are on a semi-vacation every day of the year.
If they repeat their activity today, I'm going to ask if I can photograph them as they descend.  

Tomorrow, I will try something new.
Tomorrow, I will snowshoe for the first time.
Two miles. 
There is a reward of a gourmet lunch at the end of the trek.
There is a 40% chance of snow. I wish it were 100%.
Snowfall makes the world so quiet and serene.  Especially on vacation.

Tomorrow is my turn to make dinner.
Baked potatoes with many toppings, both traditional and out of the ordinary.
It's important to feed those who have skied all day with plenty of carbs and protein.

I'm feeling that my personal fog is lifting.
I'm feeling that I can find new things to interest me once I get home.
I'm feeling that I am more than a maid/housekeeper/chef/nurse/psychologist/taxi service.
This is an unexpected side effect of taking this trip.
Eric and I are discovering that we have things to talk about besides home, work and children.

The kids are doing just fine without us at home.
I guess that means that we've done something right all these years.
They will be okay when they all move on to their grown-up years.
I will be okay without them.

Like snowshoeing, it will be new.  It will be hard.  I will be out of my element.
I will do just fine, though.


  1. The new snow shoes are a far cry from the huge tennis racquet things the trappers used. If the weather is working for you, and your group isn't in too much of a hurry you should have a great time.

  2. Enjoy your snowshoe adventure - it is a lot of fun. Glad the "fog" is lifting. I knew if you gave "life" a little time things would straighten themselves out for you. Funny that vacations have a way of helping us prioritize our life. Enjoy your time away with your husband.

  3. Good for both of you... I'm starting to wonder what R and I will talk about once we are on a "date" sans kids... seriously when your life has been filling with them for so many years, what do you talk about?!

    I'm glad you are having fun and branching out and enjoying your husband! I know he enjoys you!

  4. I no longer enjoy anything related to snow but I hope you find good times in CO...I bet it will make your return to TX nice too...I was always thankful to return to TN from PA where I grew up...the warmer snowless environment was always welcome. Here in WV it's cold and snowy in the mtns so I endure it but that's all I can say about it

  5. Where in Colorado...? I wonder if you were on my side of the Divide, like Crested Butte, PowderHorn, or the middle, like Aspen, Copper Mountain.....