Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hot Guy Holding a Spider

photo credit: www.topnews.in

Hot Guy


Robert Downey Jr. is most definitely not holding this spider.  
(If he was, I would SO have gotten a picture of that!)
Nor is any other hot guy that I could find.
Maybe I need to narrow my search by adding someone's name, ie: "Robert Downey Jr. holding a spider."
Why am I looking for a picture of a hot guy holding a spider?
I'm not.
Someone was.  
Four people, actually.
Maybe it was the same person four times?

Blogger has this thing that can help you track how folks get to your site by their Google searches.
My list is fairly tame and nothing to write about.
The top entry point from a Google search is Texas Longhorn Cattle.

However, second is Hot Guy Holding a Spider.
I Googled that exact wording and was not directed to my site.
Wonder how they got here.
They didn't stay long.
Only long enough to realize that my spider photos did not have any hot guys attached.


  1. Maybe I should search for "hot guy holding a spider" and see if I end up back here. Odd what sometimes brings people to the blog. I do know you've posted some great photos of spiders and I'd count some your family members as hot guys. Keep on bloggin'

    1. Ha, I'll tell the guys that you said so. I don't think a one of them considers themselves hot. :) Might boost their ego a bit.

  2. I agree with Leenie, Keep on bloggin' you have Hobbs and spiders and deer and well lots of interesting things.


    1. Thanks, I will. Hobbes has figured out how to get on the roof of the house. Not so good at getting down yet.

  3. Web searches that lead people to your website are enormously entertaining, aren't they?

    1. The number one search used to be for Fairy Tattoos. Go figure?

  4. Very interesting! Wonder how they found you. Now that you have a "hot guy" and a spider on your blog you'll probably get more hits. Love the picture of the spider - very good photo.

    1. Thanks Linda. I love when the tarantulas are on the move at my place. I've even been known to stop my car and shoo them off the road. Weird, I know.

  5. I am always amazed at the crazy stuff that I see in my lists like that too. I get a lot for rooster (no idea why...I don't have chickens), my wife in a bath tub and hairy feet. It's hard to say what the google sees but it is all knowing...